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(かみ) (しら) (さわ) (けい) ()

Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Keine Kamishirasawa
Place of Activity
Human Village
Main Abilities
Ability to eat history (human form)
Ability to create history (Hakutaku form)
Elementary school teacher
慧音は獣人の妖怪だ。永夜異変(「東方永夜抄」)では、満月がすり替えられるという異常事態に際し妖怪たちが何をしでかすかわからなかった。そのため慧音は夜の間だけ人間の里の歴史を食らって一時的に里の歴史が無い状態とし、誰からも人間の里を見えなくすることで里を守ろうとしていた。その結果、異変を解決すべく奔走していた主人公コンビに里をさらった悪人扱いされかけるが、誤解を解いて彼らを竹林へ行くよう諭した。 Keine is a therianthrope youkai. During the Eternal Night incident of Imperishable Night, she was unsure as to what would happen with the youkai as a result of the full moon being replaced. For this reason, Keine tried to protect the Human Village by temporarily eating the village's history for the night, rending it invisible. As a result, the heroine and her partner, both working to resolve the incident, treated Keine as a bad guy, but she managed to clear the misunderstanding as she directed them to the Bamboo Forest of Lost.
半獣半人 Half-Beast, Half-Human
普段は人間の姿で人間の里の寺子屋の先生をするかたわら、日々歴史の編纂をしている。だが満月を見るとハクタクの姿に変身する。「永夜抄」Extraステージでは、このハクタク姿で竹林の奥に潜む妹紅を守ろうとしていた。人間の祖型の時も妖怪の姿の時も、常に人間を守ろうとしている珍しい妖怪だと言える。 She usually works as a human elementary school teacher in the Human Village, compiling history every day. However, once she sees the full moon, she transforms into a Hakutaku. During the extra stage of Imperishable Night, she was trying to protect Fujiwara no Mokou, who was hiding in the Bamboo Forest, in this Hakutaku form. It can be said that she's an unusual youkai that is always trying to protect the humans, both when she takes on her original human form and when she takes on her youkai form.
半獣半人と書いたがハクタクとして活動するのは満月の時だけで、ハクタクとしての仕事はその時にまとめてやるので忙しいらしい。「1獣29人」などと言ったら説教されるかもしれない。 It's written that she's half-human and half-beast, but she only takes on the form of a Hakutaku when the moon is full, and she'll be busy carrying out her duties as a Hakutaku during that time. Though, if you say she's "29 percent human, 1 percent beast", then you'll likely be scolded.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
人間の里に居る妖怪のイメージが先にあって、普段は人間の姿でいてほしかったから、じゃあ半獣半人かなと。なんの獣との半分こだったら面白いかというのと、歴史を絡めたかったのもあって賢い妖怪が望ましかったので、ハクタクとの組み合わせになりました。完全にネタ優先ですね。 The image I had in mind was a youkai in the Human Village, but I also wanted her to have a humanoid form, so I settled on her being a half-youkai. I also wanted her beast half to be a smart youkai since I felt that it'd be interesting, so I decided to make her youkai half a Hakutaku. A perfect story precedent!

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I wanted to express Keine's dual nature with her full moon Hakutaku mode, so I put a mirror behind her. I also incorporated the effects of her stage background from Imperishable Night.