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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Komachi Onozuka
Places of Activity:
Sanzu River
Main Abilities:
Capable of manipulating distance
Serving as the Sanzu River's boatman
三途の水先案内人 Guide of the Sanzu River
小野塚小町は、「花映塚」で最終面手前のボスとして登場する死神である。東方Projectの死神とは、死後の世界で生者の寿命の管理、閻魔による裁判の記録など、さまざまな仕事に従事する者を指す。小町は三途の河の船頭であり、此岸(現世)から、閻魔が待つ彼岸へ死者を運ぶのが役目である。 Komachi Onozuka is a shinigami who appears as the penultimate boss in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View". In the Touhou series, shinigami are those who oversee living beings' lifespans from the afterlife, write court transcripts for the Yama's trials, and serve in various other such jobs. Komachi serves as the boatman of the Sanzu River, where her job is to carry the souls of the dead from Shigan (the mortal world) to Higan, where the Yama awaits them.
死神は閻魔の部下でもあり、小町は幻想郷担当の四季映姫・ヤマザナドゥの部下だ。そのため船に乗せて運ぶのも、幻想郷の人間や妖怪が多い。 Shinigami are subordinate to the Yamas, and Komachi is the subordinate of Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, the Yama in charge of Gensokyo. As such, she often ferries the humans and youkai of Gensokyo across the river as well.
サボり癖 Slackmeister
「姉御」という言葉がしっくりくる、東方では珍しいキャラだ。話し好きであり、舟に乗せた幽霊と話すことが小町の楽しみである。しかし時々仕事をサボる癖があり、「花映塚」では、幻想郷が幽霊だらけになる原因になった。ただこのときの幽霊の数は、普段のそれを大幅に超えていたので、すべて小町の責任というわけではないのだが。 Komachi could easily be described as an "older sister" sort of character, which is rare in Touhou. She enjoys conversation, particularly with the phantoms riding on her boat. However, she has a habit of slacking off on her work from time to time, which is what caused Gensokyo to be flooded with phantoms in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View". The amount of phantoms at the time was far higher than usual, though, so it wasn't entirely Komachi's fault.
河の渡し賃 Money for the Ferry
真田の旗に描かれている六文銭が有名だが、三途の河を渡るには渡し賃が必要だ。小町は渡し賃に応じて河幅を変えることができる能力を持つ。額が大きいほど幅は狭くなり、早く彼岸に渡ることができる。渡し賃とは死者の全財産なのだが、これは死者を生前慕っていた人々の財産で決まる。たとえ大金持ちでも嫌われ者の手持ち金は少なくなり、少なすぎると河を渡ることすらできない。「花映塚」では小銭の弾幕を繰り出してくるが、死者から払われた渡し賃なのかは不明である。 Though readers may already know of this from prominent examples such as the Rokumonsen crest on Sanada's flag, a fare must be paid before crossing the Sanzu River. Komachi has the ability to alter the river's breadth based on the fare paid. A higher sum means a more narrow river, and so a shorter journey before reaching Higan. The fare consists of a dead soul's entire body of wealth, but said wealth is based on the amount of money that other people spent for them during their life. No matter how much money they had in life, a person who was widely despised will be almost penniless-- and if they have too little money, they may not even be able to cross the river. Komachi uses small coins as danmaku in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View", but it's unknown whether these coins are collected from her dead ferry passengers or not.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
「花映塚」で「あの世」が必要になったけど、三途の河を渡る死神と言えば、カロン。そこを東方風にしていった結果のキャラですね。ガチで働いている死神ではなく落ちこぼれであまり仕事はしないんだけど、だからこそ生きている奴らと付き合える。情に厚くていろいろなことができないっていうタイプのキャラなんです。あと弾幕はお金だよ。「真田丸」でみんなわかったかな? I needed to introduce an 'afterlife' in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View", but when it comes to gods of death who cross a river into the next world, most people think of Charon. I turned him into a Touhou-style character, and Komachi was the result. She's a washout of a shinigami who doesn't usually put serious effort into her work, but that's exactly what lets her mingle with a bunch of living folks. She's the type of character who's compassionate to the point of being bad at a lot of things. Also, her danmaku is made of money. Perhaps you may have picked up on that after watching "Sanadamaru"?

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