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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Kosuzu Motoori

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Kosuzu Whos Who.png

(もと) (おり) () (すず)

Kosuzu Motoori

阿求と仲良しの人間で、センスもよく似ています。しかし、小鈴は和服と言うより、大正ロマンの頃の和服と洋服の折衷のようなデザインにしました。明治時代からさほど変化していない里の人間の中では、かなりハイカラな方だと思います。 A human who's close friends with Akyuu, and bears a similar taste in fashion to her. However, rather than simply Japanese clothes, I designed Kosuzu's outfit to be more of a compromise between Japanese clothing and Western-style clothing from around the Taisho-Roman era. Among the Human Villagers, who haven't changed much since the Meiji era, I think she's a pretty high-collar[1] person.
この絵を描くに際してもう一回「鈴奈庵」を読み返したのですが、自分が強い印象を受けたのは、小鈴ちゃんがなにかしらレアアイテムをゲットして大喜びしているシーンでした。妖怪たちに影響を受けやすい面がある一方で、物の価値をしっかり理解し(あるいは自分で価値を決めて)自然に喜怒哀楽を表現できる、芯の強い子だなあと感じた次第です。蒐集家なところとか、夢見がちなところとか、元ネタ(?)の本居宣長の雰囲気を感じるところがあって――本居宣長も『端原氏城下絵図』という架空の都市地図を自分で描いていた、夢見がちな青年だったそうですが、実在しない町を緻密に表現するというのは、まさに人里のディティールを描いた「鈴奈庵」の主人公として実によくマッチしているなあと改めて思いました。絵的には描くたびに気づくと頭の鈴が毎回小さくなってて困りました(原作だと鈴がめっちゃでかいです)。 While I was illustrating this picture, I read through Forbidden Scrollery again, and what impressed me the most were the scenes where Kosuzu was overjoyed at getting some sort of unusual item. Though she is easily influenced by youkai, I felt her to be a strong girl who could understand the value of things (or determine their values herself) and express her emotions in a natural way. There are parts of her that evoke the image of a collector, a dreamer and the unique atmosphere of Motoori Norinaga, the source material(?)--It seems that Motoori was also a dreamer of a young man who drew his own map of a fictitious city, known as the "Map of Hashihara Clan's Castle Town", but the idea of depicting such a non-existent town in detail, I felt, really fit with the main character of Forbidden Scrollery, who depicts the details of the Human Village. As for the illustration here, I noticed that the bells on her head became smaller every time I drew them, which I think is a problem (her bells are really huge in the original work).
Character Data
Character Data
Species: Human
Place of Activity: Human Village
Main Abilities: Ability to decipher any writing
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
Kosuzu is the main character of Forbidden Scrollery (published by KADOKAWA). She is the only daughter of Suzunaan, a rental library that operates in the Human Village. She's brimming with curiosity, and her suddenly-acquired ability to read any kind of writing had awakened within her an interest in the "demon books" that are written by youkai, and she secretly collects these books for reading in her own time.
「鈴奈庵」では彼女を通じて人間の里の様子が描かれるほか、里に出入りする妖怪の様子も多く見られる。また、家の稼業ゆえ稗田家の当主・阿求が頻繁に鈴奈庵に出入りするほか、人間の姿に化けた二ッ岩マミゾウもある目的から足しげく通う様子が描かれている。 Forbidden Scrollery details the Human Village, along with the various youkai that travel to and from the village, from her perspective. In addition, it depicts Akyuu, the head of the Hieda family, visiting Suzunaan for the sake of her family's profession. Mamizou Futatsuiwa, who disguises herself as a human, also makes regular visits for a particular purpose.


  1. "High Collar" (ハイカラー) is a Japanese term coined which bears similar connotations to "trendy" or "fashionable", particularly in terms of Japanese people who would imitate Western fashion during a time where everything Western was considered exotic and progressive.