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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Kutaka Niwatari

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Kutaka Whos Who.png
() (わたり) () () () Kutaka Niwatari
鶏キャラなんて、ギャグ以外ではそうそう居ないんじゃないでしょうか(笑)。 I don't think there are that many chicken characters that exist that aren't just comedic relief (haha).
これでも由緒正しい神様で、神社もあり今でも信仰されています。鶏を擬人化する場合、特徴的なトサカとくちばし、肉垂(あごの下のひだ)を再現するのが定番なんでしょうが、くちばしを付けると余りにも人間から離れてしまうし、肉垂はあごひげにしか見えないので避けてます。 She is a venerable god, and she is still worshipped at shrines to this day. When anthropomorphizing chickens, it's a common practice to include their characteristic crest, beak, and wattle (those folds under the chin), but if I were to give Kutaka a beak, she'd end up straying too far from being human-like, and the wattle would end up looking like a beard, so I left that out as well.
彼女のトサカは、地毛なんですかね? 顔に鶏らしい特徴が少ないので、あれは鳥の巣風エクステなのかも知れないですねぇ……。 Is her crest a part of her natural hair? There aren't that many chicken-like features on her face,
so it may just be a nest-styled extension...
実は久侘歌ちゃんもすごく好きですが、頭の上に載っているひよこがすごく好きです。かわいい。本当にかわいい。羽の生えたキャラクターは描くと派手に演出できてすごく好きです……! 羽のおかげで全体的にバランスが取れた絵になったと思います。 To be frank, I really like Kutaka, but I also like that chick on her head. It's cute~ So very cute~
I like winged characters because they can be made flashy when drawn! I think the picture is overall well-balanced thanks to her wings.
Character Data
Character Data
Species: Yaoyorozu no Kami
Place of Activity: Youkai Mountain
Main Abilities: Ability to cure throat illnesses
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
Light Sign "Trial of Miwatashi"
Bloody Battle "Highly Spirited Oniwatari"
Kutaka, the stage 3 boss of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature, is a god who guards the checkpoints of otherworlds. Eiki Shiki, also known as the Yama, had told Kutaka that the heroine was headed towards Hell, so she tested the heroine's skills to see if she was truly able to navigate down in Hell.
関所の番人ではあるが、普段は見晴らしの良い妖怪の山の滝の上で暮らしている。また、眷属である鶏たちが家畜化されている現状をひそかに嘆き、地位向上を模索しているようだ。 Although she acts as a watchman for Hell's checkpoint, she usually lives on the waterfall of Youkai Mountain since it has a good view. In addition, she seems to be secretly lamenting the domestication of her dependents, the chickens, and is seeking a way to improve their status.