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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Mamizou Futatsuiwa

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Mamizou Whos Who.png

(ふた) (いわ) マミゾウ

Mamizou Futatsuiwa

狸の大将です。狸は長生きするほどに化け力が増していきます。だから彼女は年寄り臭い言動をよくします。その方が狸の社会では威厳があるからです。まあ、実際に年寄りでもあるんでしょうけど。子分の狸たちは化け力が無くなると狸の姿に戻ってしまいますが、彼女はどうなんでしょうね。 She's the tanuki general. The longer a tanuki lives, the more powerful their transformative abilities become; It's why Mamizou tends to use fogyish language a lot. Well, she's one of the more dignified members of tanuki society, though I guess it could also be because she actually is old. Her tanuki minions return to their normal form once their transformative powers run dry, but what about her, I wonder?
化け狸的に尻尾と耳を隠す方が上手とされるなか、わざと誇示して狸であることを隠そうとしないのが、彼女のポリシーなんでしょう。どんな姿にでも化けられる筈なのに幻想郷では珍しい眼鏡キャラにしたりと、自己顕示欲の強い性格が出ていると思います。 While it is considered a better choice for bakedanuki to hide their ears and tail, it's a policy of hers to deliberately show off the fact that she's a tanuki. I think it's to be expected from someone who's capable of taking on any form of disguise, but I think she's gotten a strong "craving the limelight"-type personality, which is best shown by how she's one of the rare bespectacled characters in Gensokyo.
特徴的な弾を打つので、ゲーム内のビジュアルそのままの形で構成しました。 Her characteristic bullets struck me, so I wanted to compose them as they are ingame.
尻尾をモフりたいです。 I wanna fluff her tail...
Character Data
Character Data
Species: Beast youkai
Place of Activity: Myouren Temple, Forest of Magic, etc.
Main Abilities: Ability to disguise anything, including herself
Appearances: "Ten Desires", etc.
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
Fifth Duel "Scrolls of Frolicking Animals"
Mujina Sign "Full Moon Pompokolin"
A youkai that first debuted as the extra stage boss of Ten Desires. A powerful individual who had been active in the Outside World until recently. Nue Houjuu felt a sense of danger surrounding the resurrection of the saint Toyosatomimi no Miko, and called upon the chief bakedanuki as a reinforcement with the idea of helping the patron saint.[1]
野良の妖怪狸はもともと幻想郷にもいたので、異変後はそんな狸たちをまとめたり、鈴奈庵の常連になったり、里の人間を化かしたりと幻想郷ライフを謳歌している。 Stray tanuki have also been in Gensokyo since the start, so after the incident, she went on to enjoy life in Gensokyo gathering such tanuki, becoming a regular of Suzunaan, and disguising herself as a human in the Human Village.


  1. The patron saint (恩人の聖) here is Byakuren, this is in line with Nue's TD profile that says she was helping her. It's different from how Miko is called (聖人) both here and as her listed "species". 恩人 is also how Byakuren is called here.