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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Mononobe no Futo and Soga no Tojiko

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Mononobe no Futo
Soga no Tojiko

布都は(当時異国の宗教である)仏教を排除しようとしながら、自分にとって都合の良い異国の民間宗教、道教を信仰するという複雑な設定です。自分の信仰は隠しているので、格好は道士に寄り過ぎないように巫女に近い物をイメージしました。よく見ると両手足、首、帽子に巻いてあるリボンが風水における五色に対応しています。彼女は、初登場時は時代錯誤な取っつき悪い性格でしたが、作品を重ねるごとに現代に慣れ、ただのちょっと抜けた女の子になっていきます。はちょうどいいかなと。 Futo's gotten a complex setup where she worships Taoism, a foreign non-governmental religion that she felt was more convenient for her, while also trying to eliminate Buddhism (which, at the time, was also a foreign religion). Because she keeps her religion hidden, I tried to imagine her dress as being closer to that of a shrine maiden's so that she wouldn't lean too heavily on looking like a Taoist. If you look closely, the ribbons wrapped around her hands, feet, neck, and hat all correspond to the five colors of feng shui. During her debut, she had an anachronistic and unapproachable nature, but over time, she got used to the modern age and turned out to be a somewhat out-of-touch lady. I felt it'd be just fine.
屠自古は不完全な儀式により復活出来なかった亡霊です。幽々子と違って足のないタイプの霊体で、より肉体から解脱した状態なのでしょう。現在は肉体がないほうが永遠の存在に近いと、幽霊状態を楽しんでいるようです。 Tojiko is a ghost that couldn't be resurrected due to an incomplete ritual. Unlike Yuyuko, Tojiko's ghostly body has no legs, and she's probably more liberated from her physical body as a result. Since the absence of a physical body brings her closer to eternal existence, it would seem that she's currently enjoying her ghostly state.
Akio Hiiragi
布都の衣装の各所で元気にたなびくリボンが、本人の性格を暗示しているようでかわいいです。袖をアレンジしてしまいましたが、後ろで身頃と繋がっているので落っこちたりはしないはず……。 The ribbons fluttering on various parts of Futo's outfit are so cute, and they seem to suggest the disposition of Futo herself too! I've also attempted to arrange her sleeves, but they're tied to the person in the back, so it's best that they don't drop....
屠自古は特に髪を塗っていてとても楽しかったです(薄緑髪が二次元髪の中で一番好きな色なので)。ふんわりしたワンピースの裾のお札も大事なポイントですが、布に合わせたゆがみを考えるのが意外と大変でした……。 I'm very happy with the way I drew Tojiko's hair in particular (since light green is my favorite color of hair when it comes to cartoon characters). The notes on her fluffy dress hem were also an important point, but figuring out how to get them to follow the folds of her clothes was surprisingly difficult...
Character Data:物部布都
Character Data: Mononobe no Futo
Species: Human? (A taoist who self-identifies as a shikaisen)
Place of Activity: Human Village, etc.
Main Abilities: Ability to manipulate fengshui
Appearances: "Ten Desires", etc.
Character Data:蘇我屠自古
Character Data: Soga no Tojiko
Species: Ghost
Place of Activity: Unknown
Main Abilities: Ability to cause lightning
Appearances: "Ten Desires", etc.
Spell Cards:物部布都
Spell Cards: Mononobe no Futo
Heaven Sign "Rainy Iwafune"
Blaze Sign "Blazing Winds of Haibutsu"
Saint Girl "Oomonoimi's Dinner"
Spell Cards:蘇我屠自古
Spell Cards: Soga no Tojiko
Thunder Arrow "Gagouji's Cyclone"
Mononobe no Futo made her debut as the stage 5 boss of Ten Desires. Together with the final boss, Toyosatomimi no Miko, she intended to revive from her sleep so she could become a hermit, but she ended up clashing with the heroines in the process. Miko and Futo are known as "Shikaisen", people who become hermits after death, and Futo's whole story was that she was acting as Miko's guinea pig, having been convinced by her to go to sleep first. After she had resurrected alongside Miko, she seems to have been performing rigorous training as a hermit.
蘇我屠自古も「神霊廟」5面の中ボスとして初登場。ほかの二人同様に長きにわたる眠りから覚めたが、彼女は仙人ではなく亡霊になっていた。もともと布都とは敵対していたが、ともに神子を尊敬する者同士で尸解仙になるべく眠りについたが、布都が尸解仙としての復活を邪魔したので仙人にはなれなかったのだ。ただ、屠自古は便利さに免じて霊体の自分を受け入れ、布都との関係もこじれたりはしていないらしい。 Soga no Tojiko first debuted as the stage 5 midboss of Ten Desires. Like the other two, Tojiko had also woken up from a long sleep, but as a ghost instead of a hermit. She and Futo used to be enemies, but they fell asleep together in order to resurrect as shikaisen out of their respect for Miko, but since Futo had hindered with her resurrection into a shikaisen, she couldn't become a hermit. However, it seems that Tojiko had accepted her new spiritual body because of its usefulness, and thus, no strain has been put on her relationship with Futo.