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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Mystia Lorelei
夜雀の妖怪 A Night Sparrow Youkai
ミスティア・ローレライは、「永夜抄」2面のボスとして登場する妖怪だ。夜雀とも呼ばれる。夜道で霊夢らを待ち受け、鳥目(暗いところでは極端に視力が落ちる病)にしようとしたが倒された。人型で背中に大きな羽があると言われているが、夜道のような暗い場所に現れるため、はっきり姿を見られることは少ない。 Mystia Lorelei is a youkai who made her debut as the Stage 2 boss of "Imperishable Night". She's also known as a 'night sparrow'. She ambushed Reimu and co. on a dark road and tried to afflict them with night-blindness (a condition where one's vision becomes extremely poor in the dark), but was defeated. She's humanoid and said to have large wings on her back, but since she appears in dark places like nighttime roads, people hardly ever get a clear look at her.
鳥目と八目鰻 Night-Blindness and Lampreys
歌で人を惑わす程度の能力と、鳥目にしてしまう力を持っている。まずは歌を歌って人間をおびき出し、鳥目にして視界を奪ってから襲う。後者の鳥目にする能力については「永夜抄」本編の攻撃としても描写されている。自機の周りを除いて段々画面が暗くなり、ミスティアや弾幕が見づらくなるというものだ。 Mystia is capable of bewildering people by singing, and also has the power to make them night-blind. First, she sings to draw a human out, then robs them of their vision and attacks. Her night-blindness power is depicted as her main method of attack in "Imperishable Night"; the screen becomes dark except for a small circle around the player character, obscuring Mystia and most of her danmaku.
また人を鳥目にして襲うにもかかわらず、鳥目に効くとされる八目鰻(鰻とは全く関係のない原始的な魚)を焼いて出す屋台を開いている。自分で鳥目にした者に、八目鰻を売ることで儲けようとしているのかもしれないが、夜を灯す赤提灯から焼き鳥を撲滅するという目的もあるようだ。やはりミスティアは鳥なのだろうか。 Also, despite stealing people's vision and attacking them, Mystia also runs a grilled lamprey stall. Lamprey (*called 'eight-eye eel' in Japanese and often 'lamprey eel' in English, but actually a primitive fish completely unrelated to eels) is said to be effective in curing night-blindness. This may be an attempt to make money by blinding people and then selling them lamprey, but it seems that she also intends to drive nighttime yakitori stalls off the market. She may really be just a bird, in the end.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
視覚を遮る弾幕をやってみたかったよね。当時シューティングゲームではそういうのは邪道とされてて、画面を揺らすだけでも怒られた。今の東方では当たり前だけどさ。でも、キャラクターの設定と能力とを紐づけて出したかったんだ。 I wanted to try making danmaku that obscured your vision. That sort of thing was viewed as seriously unfair in shooting games at the time; even shaking the screen would get people angry with you. (Although that stuff is totally common in Touhou nowadays.) I really wanted to link the danmaku to the character's backstory and ability, though, so here we are.

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