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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Nazrin and Shou Toramaru

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Magazine Content

(とら) (まる) (しょう)
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Shou Toramaru
毘沙門天の…… Bishamonten's...
寅丸星は妖獣で、元は虎の姿をしていた。「東方星蓮船」5面で初登場した際は、かつて白蓮に助けられたほかの妖怪ともども聖を復活させるべく活動していて、現在は白蓮に次ぐ僧侶として命蓮寺に勤めている。 Shou Toramaru is a beast youkai whose appearance is based on that of a tiger. When she first debuted in stage 5 of Undefined Fantastic Object, she was working to revive Byakuren with the other youkai who were helped by Hijiri, and now she works after Byakuren as a priest at the Myouren Temple.
星は白蓮に見いだされて毘沙門天に弟子入りし、寺で毘沙門天の代わりを勤めていた。あらゆるものを焼き尽くすレーザーを放つ宝塔はその毘沙門天譲りだが、星がちゃんと代理としての務めを果たすかを見張るための、別の使いがナズーリンだ。 Shou was first discovered by Byakuren, an apprentice of Bishamonten, and served as a stand-in for Bishamonten at Byakuren's temple. Bishamonten gifted her the Jeweled Pagoda, which is capable of vaporizing anything with the lasers it shoots, but he also had Nazrin watch over Shou to see if she could diligently perform her duties as a stand-in.
ナズーリンは「星蓮船」1面に初登場、手に持つロッドでダウンジングをしていたが、一輪や村紗船長らが飛倉の欠片を探していたのに対して、彼女は星が無くした宝塔を探していた。表向きは星の弟子だが、ナズーリンもまた毘沙門天の弟子なので、星に対して横柄な態度に出ることもある。 Nazrin, who first debuted as the stage 1 boss of Undefined Fantastic Object, is always seen with dowsing rods in her hands. While Ichirin and Captain Murasa were looking for the pieces of the Flying Storehouse, she was looking for the Jeweled Pagoda Shou had lost. While she is ostensibly a disciple of Shou, she's also a disciple of Bishamonten, so she tends to act arrogant towards Shou.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
「星蓮船」は小傘以外はストーリーに関係するように設計されてて、ナズーリンは1面のボスだけど毘沙門天の使い。ネズミっていうのが弱そうでよかったし探し物をする感じも出ててちょうどよかった。星は、毘沙門天まんまというか。見た目はそれらしくしないといけないからね。でも本人は偽物。というか毘沙門天がストーリーに出たら大変なことになりそうなので、偽物で助かった。 Every character in Undefined Fantastic Object was planned to have some sort of relation to the story, with the exception of Kogasa. For instance, Nazrin, despite being the stage 1 boss, is a disciple of Bishamonten. I thought it'd be nice to include a mouse, something that's often considered weak, and I also felt it'd be nice to give her the impression of searching for something. Shou is basically Bishamonten. There's no other way to look at it. However, Shou herself is a imitation of him. In fact, if Bishamonten himself appeared in the story, then it'd be pretty serious issue, so I saved myself the trouble and opted for an imitation of him instead.

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