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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Nemuno Sakata

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Nemuno Whos Who.png

(さか) () ネムノ

Nemuno Sakata




When thinking of yamanba[1] a ganguro kogyaru with brightly colored hair came to mind[2]...anyway they're a type a of youkai that appear in old tales, often drawn having unkept hair and wearing rags. I designed her to emulate that look. Upon first glance it just looks like she's wearing simple pieces of cloth wrapped around her but the tattered edges of those clothes appear to be beautifully uniformly cut. Surprisingly, it seems she's fashion-conscious.




Nemuno's a character with a distinctive nata cleaver, so I drew an arc with a lot of ink blots to simulate the momentum of a swinging blade.

Character Data

Character Data
Species: Yamanba
Place of Activity: Youkai Mountain
Main Abilities: Ability to create sanctuaries

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Rain Sign "Imprisoning Autumn Rain"
Blade Exhaustion Sign "Mountain Murder"


Nemuno is a yamanba living on Youkai Mountain. In stage 2 of Hidden Star in Four Seasons, she fought against the protagonist who got lost in her territory while looking for clues on resolving the incident.


Although yamanba live on Youkai Mountain, they don't form societies like the tengu or kappa. Instead they live solitary lives in their own sanctuaries formed by creating nonaggression pacts with other races. Many unknowns surround Nemuno because of her solitude, but she is known to help people who get lost in her territory...if she likes them.

  1. Yamanba is also the name of a early 2000s Japanese fashion trend and subculture whose main elements included darkening skin and lightening hair. It was named so due to a perceived resemblance to traditional descriptions of yamanba, who were said to have dark skin and white hair.
  2. In the Strange Creators of Outer World Hidden Star in Four Seasons interview, ZUN said he originally wanted to design Nemuno with yamanba gyaru elements.