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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Nue Houjuu

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Nue Whos Who.png

(ほう) (じゅう) ぬえ

Nue Houjuu




It seems that an unknown or unidentified entity is called a "Nue-like entity". The Nue, a classical youkai, has appeared in various works, but it's usually a composite of a tiger, monkey, raccoon, or a snake, and I feel it's basically a chimera.


I made it clear that she's supposed to be a Nue, not a Chimera. It's thanks to her power that the fragments flying in the sky resemble UFOs. I think it's necessary to accept Nue-like unidentified objects in order to make life more fun. After all, even the strange-looking things have their appeal (haha)


Hanabi Suichuu


There's a delicate impression surrounding the constitution of a scene surrounding a youkai capable of concealing its true form. Also, personally, I think it'd be better if there was some weirdness to her pupils.


I think the nue has a strong, beastly image similar to a chimera, but I also think that the contrast between Nue's sharp black body and knee-highs, along with the mysterious shape of her wings, makes for a very nice design that feels cute and cool.

Character Data

Character Data
Species: Youkai
Place of Activity: Myouren Temple, etc.
Main Abilities: Ability to make her true form unknown
Appearances: "Undefined Fantastic Object", etc.

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
"Nightmare of Heiankyou"
"Danmaku X from a Wandering Star"


Nue first debuted as the extra stage boss of Undefined Fantastic Object. Like many of the characters that appeared in that game, she first came up from underground thanks to the geyser incident (the incident of Subterranean Animism). At that time, she discovered "Murasa and the others are trying to revive a human for some reason", so in order to interfere with that, she planted the Seed of Unknown Form on the fragments of the Flying Storehouse that Murasa and company were seeking. As a result, the things they were looking for were "unknown and unidentifiable".


Contrary to her expectations, the resurrection of Hijiri changed her perception on what was good for the youkai, but it seems that she has yet to become accustomed to the Myouren Temple, even as she began to train there. In response to hearing the news that a superhuman sleeping under the Myouren Temple would be resurrected, she brought in her old friend Mamizou, a big-shot youkai from the Outside World.