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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Okina Matara

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Okina Matara




Okina is one who possesses a variety of divinities. One of them being a god of disabilities, so I designed her with the impression of her being in a wheelchair. I also included that stereotypical image of an evil "big boss" leaning back in a luxurious chair.


Due to Matara-jin's divinity, he rarely appears in mainstream beliefs, and since religion has become a tourist attraction these days, he's a god that's been determined to have been forgotten. It can be said that Okina here has deified Gensokyo, a place where forgotten beings go. No wonder she's so arrogant (haha).


By the way, Okina is shown to be standing up in the Extra Stage, so it isn't that she actually has any leg impairments. Perhaps she isn't saying that she has a disability, but that she is a disability in of itself, and that such a disability is a necessary thing for this world.




Initially, Okina was the only one who had influenced the image's composition, but I added her two Douji to the set because I felt it'd look better, so it ultimately ended up being three people. From a birds-eye view, the number of elements shown seem to increase. I intended to express the mystery of a "Sage of Gensokyo" who shines in the spotlight, while also using her Douji to give her the impression of being hidden.

Character Data

Character Data
Species: Secret God
Place of Activity: Unknown
Main Abilities: Ability to create back doors on anything

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Secret Ceremony "Performers Unattached to Society"
"The Back Face's Dark Sarugaku"

隠岐奈は四季異変を起こした張本人で、「天空璋」6面及び Extra のボス。「里乃と舞の後継者を探すため」という表面的な言い訳で異変を起こしたが、真の目的は自らの存在を幻想郷に知らしめること、また現在の幻想郷の状態を確認することだった。主人公は隠岐奈に一矢報いることはできたものの、結局のところ彼女の目的は十分に達せられたといえる。

Okina Matara is the perpetrator behind the Four Seasons Incident, and appears in Hidden Star in Four Seasons as the final and Extra stage boss. Although her excuse was that she was trying to find successors for Satono and Mai, her actual goal was to inform Gensokyo of her existence, and confirm its current status. Although the heroine was able to retaliate against Okina with a single retort, it can be said that Okina was able to achieve her goal after all.


Okina is a god with control over various things, and is said to be one of the "Sages" who created modern-day Gensokyo alongside Yukari Yakumo. Her main ability is to create doors on the back of anything, but in essence, she is able to manipulate the mental strength and vitality of that thing via the door. That ability plays a role in maintaining the balance of Gensokyo. It's unclear on whether she's been missing for some time or was simply waiting for something, but since the events of Hidden Star in Four Seasons, she's begun to influence many things in Gensokyo.