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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Parsee Mizuhashi

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Magazine Content

(みず) (はし) パルスィ
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Parsee Mizuhashi
パルスィは橋姫という妖怪で、地上と地底を結ぶ縦穴の番人をしている。行き来する者を見守ってくれる存在なので、「地霊殿」2面では来訪者に警告を与えたものの、とりあえず倒された。悲しいボスの宿命である。 Parsee is a youkai known as "Hashihime", and she acts as the guardian of the shaft that connects the surface world and the underground world. She's the kind of person that watches over the people coming and going, even warning visitors as shown in the 2nd stage of Subterranean Animism, but she was defeated anyway. A sad fate for a boss...
嫉妬心を操るということ Ability to Manipulate Jealousy
パルスィは嫉妬深い性格の性格の持ち主であるだけでなく、他者の嫉妬心を操る能力を持つ。嫉妬心をあおるように働きかけた者は、嫉妬にかられるあまり精神の均衡や生活のリズムを崩してしまうことになる。パルスィにとって被害者の嫉妬は彼女のエネルギーそのものであり、このように彼女の妖怪としての本体は嫉妬心そのものと言える。 Parsee is not only someone with a deeply jealous nature, but she's also capable of manipulating the jealously of others. Those who harbor jealousy will break the balance of their spirit and the rhythm of their life. For Parsee, the victim's jealousy serves as her energy, so in a way, her body as a youkai can be considered jealousy itself.
人間にとって嫉妬心は、それをバネにすれば自分のパワーにできるが、やはり過ぎたるは及ばざるがごとしである。対策としては彼女と距離間をたもちつつ、なるべく自分の心に鬱屈を溜めこまないようにすることくらいだろう。 Concerning the jealousy of humans, Parsee can use it as her own mainspring and convert it into power, but that'd be too much of a waste. The only way to deal with her would be to keep your distance and to try to avoid harboring any gloomy feelings in your mind.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
ぼくとしては地獄と地上のちょうど間に架け橋があるイメージなんです。川にかかってる橋そのものというわけではなく、違う世界同士を繋いでいるものとしてね。その途中で出てくる妖怪がいるとしたら、橋姫だろうと。ある意味、あの世とこの世の境目でもあるので、「花映塚」を作っていなかったら、ここにいたのは死神だったと思います。 Personally, I have this image of a bridge right between Hell and the surface. It's not the kind of bridge that crosses a river, but a bridge that connects two different worlds. So if you met a youkai in the middle of it, it must be a hashihime. But since in a sense it's connecting this world to the next, I think I would have used a shinigami if I hadn't already made one for PoFV.

Book Content

Page 48-49
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Parsee Whos Who.png

(みず) (はし) パルスィ

Parsee Mizuhashi







Character Data

Character Data
Species: Youkai
Place of Activity: Old Hell
Main Ability: Ability to manipulate jealousy
Appearances: "Subterranean Animism," etc.

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Jealousy Sign "Green-Eyed Monster"
Malice Sign "Day 7 of the Shrine Visits in the Dead of Night"