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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Patchouli Knowledge




Place of Activity
Scarlet Devil Mansion


Special Abilities
Ability to Use Magic


A Guest of the Scarlet Devil Mansion

パチュリーは紅魔館の主人・レミリアの友人で、主に図書館に住み着いている魔法使いだ。紅霧異変の際に、異変解決のために侵入してきた主人公にちょっかいを出して懲らしめられている。 図書館にある本は、パチュリーが新たに開発した魔法がしたためられた魔道書や、外の世界から持ち込まれた書物などが大量に積まれている。だが、図書館は紅魔館の地下に位置しているため埃っぽいだけでなくカビ臭い。生まれた時から喘息に苦しむ彼女には酷な環境のはずだが、普段からほとんど本を読んで過ごしているパチュリーは図書館からほとんど出てこない。少なくともここ100年ほどはこもりきりだったようだ。喘息のため魔法が唱えきれないこともあるというのに、それでも埃っぽい本から離れられないとは、難儀な話である。

Patchouli is a magician who is friends with Remilia, the owner of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and has settled into its library. During the Scarlet Mist Incident, she made an attempt to interfere with the intruding protagonists who were there to resolve the incident, and was punished. The library contains a huge number of books, ranging from grimoires on new magic developed by Patchouli herself to books brought in from the outside world. However, since the library is located in the mansion's basement, it's not only dusty but moldy. She's suffered from asthma since birth so she should be having a hard time in such an environment, but as she spends most of her time reading books she hardly ever leaves the library. She's been shutting herself in there for at least 100 years. Even though her asthma can prevent her from reciting spells, she still refuses to be separated from her dusty books. It's a hard life.


As a Magician


There are several magicians in Gensokyo, but Patchouli seems to be the only natural-born one, in that she's been a magician since birth. Alice, who we'll discuss later, ceased being human and became a youkai as a result of her studies, while the protagonist Marisa trains to be able to use magic as a human. Physically, she's fundamentally the same as a human, or perhaps even more fragile. It is unknown if she's ever thought of trying to cure her asthma with magic; maybe healing is an entirely different school of magic. In any case, when she's in better condition she's able to recite more powerful spells for longer.

Comment from ZUN

Comment from ZUN


An easy-to-understand opponent who attacks with magic. Anyway, I wanted to create a character who used some kind of system to attack in different ways, like a "department store of techniques." Making danmaku with magic is easy to understand, right? It draws on the depth of games too. In my mind, magicians are powerful without moving, have frail bodies, and don't go out much, so that's how I made her.