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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Prismriver Sisters

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Prismriver Whos Who.png
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Prismriver Sisters
幽霊楽団 A Phantom Ensemble
プリズムリバー楽団は、「妖々夢」4面のボスとして登場した、長女ルナサ、次女メルラン、三女リリカの騒霊(ポルターガイスト)三姉妹による幽霊楽団である。彼女らは主に妖怪たちに呼ばれて演奏をするが、このときは西行寺家に花見での演奏を依頼されていた。 The Prismriver Ensemble is a ghostly music troupe consisting of three poltergeists: the eldest sister Lunasa, the middle sister Merlin, and the youngest sister Lyrica. They made their debut in "Perfect Cherry Blossom" as the bosses of Stage 4. They mainly perform shows for youkai, but in their debut game, they had been invited to perform at a flower-viewing for the Saigyouji house.
三人を生み出したのは、“人間の”彼女たちの妹、四女のレイラだ。レイラはプリズムリバー伯爵という貴族の娘だったが、ある事故で家族を失った。残された四姉妹は散り散りになったが、レイラはお屋敷から離れられず、あるとき姉たちの姿をした騒霊を作り出した。人間の姉妹ははるか昔に亡くなったが、今も騒霊三姉妹は幻想郷にある廃洋館で暮らしている。 The three of them were created by the fourth and youngest sister of their "human" incarnations, Layla. Layla was the daughter of a nobleman named Baron Prismriver, but her family was lost in a tragic accident. The four surviving sisters eventually went their separate ways, but Layla remained in their old house, and eventually created poltergeists resembling her sisters. The human sisters have long since passed away, but the trio of poltergeists are still around today in an abandoned Western mansion in Gensokyo.
騒霊の出す音 The Sounds Poltergeists Make
ポルターガイストであるため、手を使わずに楽器の演奏ができる。楽器はルナサがヴァイオリン、メルランがトランペット、リリカがキーボードおよびパーカッションだ。彼女たちが出す音は、音の幽霊である。耳ではなく直接精神に響くため、肉体を持たないものにも好評だ。 Being poltergeists, they can play musical instruments without using their hands. Lunasa plays the violin, Merlin plays the trumpet, and Lyrica plays keyboard and percussion. The sounds they produce are actually the "phantoms" of sound, and echo directly into one's soul rather than one's ears. As such, they're very popular among those who lack physical bodies.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
ポルターガイストは霊というよりも超能力現象のようなイメージがあるので、独立した幽霊キャラとして見せたかった。そんなポルターガイストが演奏してるっていいよね? って。当時はいろいろな音が出せるようにって考えてたけど、冷静に思うと打楽器を入れとけばよかったなあ(笑)。あとは弾幕を作るのが辛かった。バグを生み易くてね。 People generally picture poltergeists as more of a supernatural phenomenon than an actual spirit, so I wanted to portray them as ghost characters independently from that. Like, "it's alright to have a poltergeist like this playing music, yeah?". When I was coming up with them, I wanted them to be able to play various different sounds, but now that I think about it more calmly, I really should've added some actual percussion (laugh). Also, making their danmaku was tough, since it was so prone to bugs.