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(ほり) (かわ) (らい) ()
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Raiko Horikawa
Place of Activity
Main Abilities
Ability to getting anything into a rhythm
Musical activities
雷鼓は、打出の小槌の魔力で目覚めた和太鼓の付喪神だ。自分に満ちる魔力があまりよく無いものであると察した雷鼓は、自分の身体である和太鼓も、その和太鼓奏者すらも放り捨てて別の可能性を求めた――幻想郷の外の世界に。そうして新たな身体としてドラムと奏者を手に入れた雷鼓は、他の付喪神たちにも小槌の魔力に抗う方法を広めるために幻想郷に戻ってきた。その結果、輝針城が出現した時のような魔力嵐が幻想郷の空に出現、霊夢に異変として気づかれることになる。 Raiko is a taiko drum tsukumogami awakened by the power of the Miracle Mallet. Raiko, having perceived that her own magical power wasn't very good, threw away her old taiko drum body and even her drummer as she sought out other possibilities--in a world outside of Gensokyo. After she had obtained a new drummer and a new drum to use as a body, she returned to Gensokyo in order to spread her method of going against the mallet's magic power to other tsukumogami. As a result, a magical storm appeared in the skies of Gensokyo, one that was similar to the one that occurred when the Shining Needle Castle first arrived in Gensokyo, and Reimu took notice of it as an incident.
結界を越えて Beyond the Barrier
幻想郷を覆う博麗大結界は意識を持った者を強力に阻む力があるが、逆に無意識の者であったり単なる物は通り抜けやすい。雷鼓は物でありつつ意識を持つ付喪神という性質から、結界を行き来しやすい立ち位置に居たため、このような離れ業ができたのだという。 Gensokyo's Great Hakurei Barrier is capable of restricting access to those that are conscious, but on the other hand, it's easy for mere inanimate objects and those that are unconscious to pass through. Raiko was able to perform such a feat because of her nature as a tsukumogami, where she may be conscious, but is also an inanimate object.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
本編を作り終わってからキャラを決めましたが、付喪神でいこうと。でも何を出すかで迷って、4面のボスと揃えた音楽系にして、でも変化を付けようと現代要素というかSF感を入れて、ドラムセットとロケット太鼓の組み合わせになったんです。僕の絵としては、ドラムに座って踵で叩くイメージなんです。格好いいかなって。太鼓に失礼だけど。 I decided on her after I finished with the main story, but I chose to go with a tsukumogami. But I wasn't sure what to put out. I went with a musical instrument to match the stage 4 bosses, but as a twist I added a modern, or even SF component. And she became a combination of a drum set and rocket drums. The way I picture her, she's sitting on the drum and hitting it with her heel. She's pretty cool. I apologize to the drum though.