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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Saki Kurokoma

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Saki Kurokoma

まさかの馬キャラです。カウガールをイメージしてデザインしてますが、カウガールのカウって、牛ですよね。 An unexpected horse character. I designed her with the image of a cowgirl in mind, but the "cow" in cowgirl should refer to a cow, right?
あと、乗馬の服装も意識してますが、こっちも乗る側ですよね。 Also, her outfit was made with horse-riding attire in mind, but wouldn't that make her both the horse and the rider in this case?
なかなか衣装の勘違いが多い彼女ですが、本人は竹を割ったような性格で、格好が付けば何でも良いと思っているかも知れません。 She might have some mistaken ideas about clothing, but with her frank personality, she's probably willing to wear anything as long as it looks good on her.
自慢の黒髪と黒い翼はいつも手入れしています。駒というのは小型の馬を指します。彼女も見た目の印象より背が低いので、その事を気にして、大きく見える様に堂々と立ち、自慢の翼を広げているのです。 She is proud of her black hair and wings, which are frequently groomed. "Koma" indicates a horse of small size. Thus, she is also shorter than she looks, and she is mindful enough of this fact to always stands in an imposing manner, with her proud wings outstretched, in order to make herself look bigger.
Akio Hiiragi
カウガール風衣装と独特のギザギザパーツ部がとにかく描いていて楽しかったです。高らかに鳴る蹄のようなニュアンスを感じるテーマ曲が好きで、そのイメージでブーツに拍車をつけてみましたが小さすぎてほとんど見えなくなりました……。 Her cowgirl-style costume and her uniquely jagged parts were fun to draw. I liked how her theme has these high-pitched hoof-like nuances, so I wanted to include spurs on her boots with that in mind, but they ended up being too small, to the point of being near invisible...
Character Data
Character Data
Species: Beast Youkai (Kurokoma)
Place of Activity: Animal Realm
Main Abilities: Ability to have unmatched leg strength
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
Agile Skill "Black Pegasus Meteor Shot"
"Deeds of Devilish Beasts"
早鬼は「鬼形獣」Extra のボス。畜生界を牛耳る大組織の一つ、勁牙組の組長だ。主人公の活躍によって袿姫が打倒されたことを知るやいなや、真っ先に畜生界の支配に向けて暴れ始めたところ、再び畜生界を訪れた主人公に懲らしめられた。
Saki is the extra boss of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature. She is the matriarch of the Keiga Family, one of the major organizations dominating the Animal Realm. Once she got word that the protagonists had defeated Keiki, she immediately worked towards dominating all of the Animal Realm, and was dealt with by our protagonists as they were visiting the Animal Realm again.
自称「最強最速軍団」勁牙組組長らしく、好戦的でストレートに力に訴えてくるぶん策を巡らせるのは苦手。カワウソ霊に言わせれば「筋肉馬鹿組織」、オオワシ霊に言わせれば「暴力組長」だが、その真っ直ぐさから部下には慕われているようだ。 As the leader of the Keiga Family, the self-proclaimed "strongest, fastest army", Saki is not skilled at strategies of conflict, preferring to resort to raw power. The Keiga Family are said to be a "musclehead organization" by the otter spirit, and the eagle spirit calls them a "violent group", but the Keiga subordinates seem to be fond of its straightforward culture.