Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Satono Nishida and Mai Teireida

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() () () (さと) ()
(てい) (れい) () (まい)

Satono Nishida &
Mai Teireida




They are the Douji that serve the god Matara-jin. They try to keep demons away by dancing in solemn places and making them lively. But in the eyes of others, they themselves are demons, and their appearances are very much evil.


Mai carries around bamboo, and Satono carries around a stalk of Myoga ginger. This is derived from the girls' source material, and it makes them appear crazy as a result, which I find to be a good thing. Usually, when one thinks of Myoga, they think of the vegetable, but the plant does have a flowering part. Satono specifically carries around its stem and leaves. With that outcome, Satono and Mai's belongings ended up looking similar, so I made Satono look more "Myoga-esque" with the colors of her outfit.


Akio Hiiragi


I find it irresistible that the apron dresses these two girls wear retain the essence of Matara-jin's two Douji. While I was drawing this with the setting in mind, I found it difficult to come up with a facial expression for them, and ended up doing multiple redraws. In the end, I ended up giving them faces that seemed devoid of any worries...

Character Data

Character Data
Species: Human (?)
Place of Activity: The World of Back Doors
Main Abilities: Drawing out peoples' mental energy by dancing behind them (Satono)
Drawing out peoples' vitality by dancing behind them (Mai)

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Myouga Blessing "Behind You" (Satono)
Bamboo Sign "Bamboo Spear Dance" (Mai)
Drum Dance "Powerful Cheers" (Both)


Satono and Mai are the Douji that serve Okina Matara. First debuting as the stage 5 bosses of Hidden Star in Four Seasons, they had fought back against the heroines, who had entered their domain through the door on Narumi's back. Originally, they had fought as a test of strength in order to "find successors", according to Okina, but the second time they fight, it was to kick the heroine, who had come for revenge against Okina, out of the World of Back Doors.


The two of them were originally human, but their humanity has since been declining after being chosen by Okina to act as her subordinates. The abilities they wield were also given to them by her. They had lost all their memories from when they were human, but it seems that their personalities remain intact. Satono has a gentle personality, while Mai has a straightforward one. Their outfits and the plants they carry also differ from one another; Satono carries Myoga Ginger, while Mai carries around bamboo, and refers to herself in first-person with "boku" ().