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() (じん) (せい) (じゃ)
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Seija Kijin
Place of Activity
Main Abilities
Capable of turning over anything
Overthrowing the superiors
正邪は天邪鬼(あまのじゃく)という種族の妖怪だ。名前に「鬼」の字が入っているが鬼とは異なり、単にひねくれた妖怪である。「東方輝針城」では異変をそそのかした影の首謀者として5面で初登場し、主人公に懲らしめられた。また、「輝針城」でのやらかしが発覚したことから、正邪がさまざまな人間・妖怪から追い回されることになる様子が「弾幕アマノジャク」で語られた。 Seija is a type of youkai known as the "Amanojaku". Despite the word including the character for "oni", they are different from oni, though still quite the twisted youkai. She first appeared in stage 5 of Double Dealing Character as the mastermind that instigated the incident, and was thus disciplined by the heroine. In addition, the exposure of Seija's blunders in Double Dealing Character has lead her to get chased around by various humans and youkai in Impossible Spell Card.
反抗の底にあるもの Rebellion of Those at the Bottom
常日頃から他者とは逆のことを考え、実行し、迷惑を振りまき嫌われるが、正邪的には嫌われるのは大歓迎。「輝針城」では幻想郷の安定をブチ壊すことを目的に(自分にそこまでの力が無いので)針妙丸をそそのかした。ただし正邪は何がしかの信念に基づいて秩序をひっくりかえさんと企んだ、というわけではなく、あくまで「反逆のための反逆」が天邪鬼としての性質、いや生き甲斐なのだと推察される。 Seija always thinks and acts the opposite to those around her. She's disliked and considered a nuisance, but Seija welcomes that hatred for her. In Double Dealing Character, she enticed Shinmyoumaru with the goal of destroying Gensokyo's stability (since she didn't have much power on her own). However, Seija didn't attempt to change the current order based on any kind of belief. Rather, it's assumed that "rebellion for the sake of rebellion" is simply the Amanojaku's nature, their raison d'être, even.
とはいえ、異変を機に針妙丸のことは気に入ったらしく、花火大会(書籍『The Grimoire of Usami』)では「今後も付いていきたい」等の発言を残しているなど、逆に利用した相手から影響を受けているフシも見受けられる。 However, it seems that she's grown fond of Shinmyomaru since the incident, and during a firework display (see: The Grimore of Usami), she's even made comments like "I want to follow you in the future", having been influenced by the parent-child relationships of other parties.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
アンチ主人公キャラという出し方です。主人公の正義を問いかけてきたりする小うるさいキャラはたまにいますが、それを受け止める必要がない、単なる反抗期キャラ、構ってちゃんですね。明らかに悪意があって悪を成している、という意味では東方では珍しいキャラです。 A character introduced as an anti-protagonist. Sometimes these are fussy characters who question the protagonist's righteousness, but she sees no need to do that. She's just a simple rebellious attention-seeker. She's pretty unusual for a Touhou character, in that she's clearly malicious and evil.