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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Seiran and Ringo

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(せい) (らん)
(りん) ()


月の兎コンビの一人、清蘭です。通常、月の兎が搗く杵は棒状の竪杵が定番な気がしますが、棍棒と区別付かなくなるので、槌状の横杵にしました。肩に担ぐとこっちの方が暴力的なイメージになりますね……。てゐも似たような服装をしていますが、月の兎の服装を真似したのかも知れませんね。 One of the two moon rabbits, Seiran. Usually, the pounding mallet would be rod-shaped, which I feel is the standard for moon rabbits, but since that would've made it indistinguishable from a club, I decided to opt for a horizontal, hammer-shaped mallet. If she were to carry it on her shoulders, she'd likely have a more violent impression... Tewi is dressed in a similar manner to Seiran, but it seems that she may have imitated the moon rabbits' sense of fashion.
鈴瑚の方は、他の兎とは異なる個性的なファッションです。立ち位置としては情報エンジニアで、人目を気にしない孤立を好むタイプの兎なのでしょう。ヘソ出しルックは、体型維持の為にわざとやっているようです。団子を一杯食べてるからね。 Ringo has a unique fashion sense that differs from that of other moon rabbits. Her role is that of an information engineer, and she's likely the type of rabbit who prefers being alone and away from the public gaze.

It seems that the exposed navel look was done intentionally for the sake of maintaining her figure. Though she does eat a lot of dango...

この二人は餅つきですねやはり! These two are having a mochi-pounding session!
団子を食べる鈴瑚と後ろで手伝え! って感じで餅つきする清蘭ちゃんが描きたいと思いました。お餅を長くすることは担当者さんのアイデアでしたが、餅を長く伸びさせsることでシルエット的にもすごくいい感じになったと思います。 Ringo is eating dango while helping on the sidelines! I wanted to draw Seiran giving off a mochi-pounding impression here. Making the mochi longer was the supervisor's idea, but I feel that, in making the mochi longer, the silhouette ended up looking pretty good too.
Character Data:清蘭
活動場所:月の都、人間の里等 [sic.]
主な能力:異次元から弾丸を飛ばす程度の能力 [sic.]
Character Data: Seiran
Species: Beast
Place of Activity: Lunar Capital, Human Village, etc. [sic.]
Main Abilities: Firing bullets from other dimensions[sic.]
Appearances: "Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom", etc.
Character Data: 鈴瑚
活動場所:月の都、人間の里等 [sic.]
主な能力:団子を食べる程に強くなる程度の能力 [sic.]
Character Data: Ringo
Species: Beast
Place of Activity: Lunar Capital, Human Village, etc. [sic.]
Main Abilities: Growing in strength by eating dango[sic.]
Appearances: "Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom", etc.
Spell Cards:清蘭
Spell Cards: Seiran
Bullet Sign "Eagle Shooting"
Gun Sign "Lunatic Gun"
Spell Cards:鈴瑚
Spell Cards: Ringo
Rabbit Sign "Dango Influence"
Moon-Viewing Sake "Lunatic September"
Seiran and Ringo are moon rabbits who worked as colleagues in the Earth recon unit, "Eagle Ravi". The duo, who first came to Earth from the Lunar Capital during the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, came across some of Gensokyo's inhabitants while performing their respective duties.
清蘭は潜入捜査が仕事だったが、休憩中に餅つきをしていたところで主人公らと遭遇。鈴瑚は情報管理を担当していたため、現在起こっている事態を大まかに把握していたことから、出会った人間を月の都へ繋がる通路へ案内した。 Seiran was in charge of infiltration operations, but encountered the main characters while pounding mochi during a break. Ringo was in charge of information management, so she had a general idea of what was going on, and guided the people she met to the pathway that led to the Lunar Capital.
二人とも「紺珠伝」の異変後は地上に残り、団子屋を開いて競い合ったりしているらしい。 Both of them remained on Earth after the events of LoLK, opening up rivaling dango stands.


  • Seiran and Ringo's page had its info mistakenly copied from the previous article on "Sumireko Usami". The correct information turned out to be like this.