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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Shizuha and Minoriko Aki

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Aki Whos Who.png
(あき) (みのり) () (あき) (しず) ()
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Minoriko Aki & Shizuha Aki
秋に活動する神様姉妹 The god sisters active in autumn
秋静葉と秋穣子は、どちらも秋に関連した力を司る神様の姉妹だ。どちらも「風神録」1面に登場するが、霊夢の行く手を遮ったためにとりあえず倒された。霊夢は巫女なのに。 The sisters Shizuha and Minoriko Aki are both gods with powers related to autumn. Both appeared in Mountain of Faith stage 1, but they got in Reimu's way and were swiftly defeated, despite Reimu being a shrine maiden.
姉である静葉は紅葉を司り、落葉樹や広葉樹を赤く染め上げる。その方法は静葉が一枚一枚の葉を塗っていくという地道なモノで、紅葉にムラがあるのは急いで塗るためだとか。何かの異能を行使するわけではなさそうだ。 The older sister, Shizuha, governs the coloring of autumn leaves, dyeing deciduous and broadleaf trees red. She does this through the straightforward process of painting each leaf one by one, so if there are any splotches, then perhaps she was in a hurry. She doesn't appear to use any supernatural powers.
妹の穣子は豊穣を司る。だが、能力は秋に実るものにしか効果が無く、なおかつ姉同様に手作業でひとつひとつ頑張って作物を育てるので、ご利益の規模と範囲はかなり限定される。 The younger sister, Minoriko, governs good harvests. However, her ability is limited to crops that bear fruit in autumn, and like her sister, she separately grows the crops one by one through manual labor, so the scope and extent of her blessings are rather limited.
神様姉妹と言われたらすごいご利益や神徳を想像してしまう人もいるかもしれないが、その在り方は「自然現象の一部をできる範囲でがんばる裏方」くらいの慎ましさ。名が付けられて姿形が確立されてはいるものの、幻想郷における八百万の神様――「あらゆる物体の、名前を付けられる前の存在」と大差は無く、彼女らのために神社が立てられることも無い(幻想郷で建てられる神社は博麗神社くらいだが)。 Upon hearing that the sisters are gods, perhaps some would imagine them having incredible blessings and divine virtues, but they're about as modest as someone who works behind the scenes to contribute to natural phenomenon to the best of their abilities. Although they've been given names and thus concrete forms, they aren't especially distinct from Gensokyo's Myriad Gods―the yet-to-be-named beings that exist in all objects―in that they have no shrine built to them. (Just about the only shrine erected in Gensokyo was the Hakurei Shrine, but nevertheless.)
豊穣をもたらすというご利益のおかげで妹のほうが人気が高く、姉は若干それを妬んでいる。だが妹は姉の美的センスを羨んでおり、ある意味いい関係を保っていると言える。 Because she brings the blessings of the harvest, the younger sister Minoriko is more popular, so her older sister Shizuka is a little jealous. However, Minoriko envies Shizuha's aesthetic sense, so in that sense one could say they have a good relationship.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
テーマが信仰だったので、全体的に神様を出したかったんです。どんなものにでも神様はいますよって。季節限定の神様だと融通が利かないというか、ほかの季節はなにをやってるんだろうなって。そんな感覚で秋に活躍する神様を作ってみようかなって。秋といえば豊穣の秋、あと紅葉なので。収穫とこれから散っていくことの両方を入れたかったのね。 The theme was faith, so I wanted to have gods everywhere, to show that "there are gods in everything." Gods limited by season are kind of inflexible though, so I wonder what they do in the other seasons? It was with that feeling that I tried making gods who put a lot of work into autumn. When I think autumn, I think the fall harvest, and then the leaves. I wanted to include both the bounty of autumn, and the sense of things beginning to wither away.