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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Suika Ibuki
Places of Activity:
All of Gensokyo
Main Abilities:
Capable of manipulating density
Drinking, festivals
幻想郷と鬼 Gensokyo and Oni
伊吹萃香は、「萃夢想」のラスボスの鬼である。無限に酒が出る瓢箪を背中に携帯し、数百年間ずっと呑んでいるほどの度を超した酒好きで、ゲーム本編では酔ってフラフラ揺れている。 Suika Ibuki is an oni, and the final boss of Immaterial and Missing Power. She carries a gourd that can produce infinite sake on her back, and loves sake so much that she could spend several hundred years drinking nonstop. She even drunkenly sways back and forth during gameplay.
昔、鬼は幻想郷に住んでいたが、あるときから姿を消した。かつて人間は恐怖を抱きつつも鬼との間に信頼関係を築いていたが、それがこわれてしまったからである。鬼は人間と幻想郷を見限り、「鬼の国」と呼ばれる場所へ行ってしまったと言われる。萃香はそんな幻想郷に再び現れた鬼で、3日ごとに博麗神社で宴会を開くという、少し奇妙な異変を起こすことになった。 Oni lived in Gensokyo long ago, but after a certain point, they vanished from the land. Humans had previously built a relationship of mutual trust with the oni despite harboring fear towards them, but in the end they betrayed that trust, prompting the oni to leave. The oni abandoned the humans and Gensokyo, and are said to have gone to a place called the "Land of Oni". Suika is an oni who returned to Gensokyo, and caused a slightly bizarre incident where she held a banquet at the Hakurei Shrine every 3 days.
密度を操る力 Power to Manipulate Density
萃香は密度を操る程度の能力を持つ。簡単に言えば物を集めたり、逆に散らしたりする力である。この力を使えば、物を圧縮し熱を持たせたり、拡散させ霧状にしたりできる。また地震を巨大化あるいは霧化することも可能だ。さらにこの能力は、「人の想い」などの密度を操ることもできる。「萃夢想」での異変も、この力を使い起こしたものだ。 Suika is capable of manipulating density. Essentially, she can gather things together or spread them apart. Applications of this power include compressing objects and making them hot, or dispersing them into vapor. She can also immensely magnify or disperse earthquakes. On top of that, she can also manipulate the density of things like "people's feelings"; the incident in "Immaterial and Missing Power" was caused via this ability.
また、能力に隠れがちだが、一人で妖怪の山を崩せるというほどの怪力もまた、萃香の強力な武器である。 And though it tends to be overshadowed by her ability, another powerful weapon of Suika's is her brute strength-- ostensibly enough to destroy the Youkai Mountain all by herself.
萃香以外の鬼 Other Oni Besides Suika
先述のように長い間幻想郷から姿を消していた鬼だが、「萃夢想」の萃香を皮切りに、以降の作品でも彼女と既知の仲である鬼が登場している(「地霊殿」の星熊勇儀など)。今後の東方Projectでは、どんな鬼が新たに登場するのだろうか。 As mentioned above, oni have been missing from Gensokyo for a long time, but after Suika's debut in "Immaterial and Missing Power", more of her oni acquaintances have also appeared in successive games (such as Yuugi Hoshiguma in Subterranean Animism). Just what kind of oni might appear in future Touhou series entries...?
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
「萃夢想」で、もともと黄昏さんがもってきた企画に「お酒」が出てきてさ。そこで「酔」から転じて「萃」になったんだよね。このちょっと前に「鬼武者」があって、鬼に対する格好よさが世間的にアップしてて、そのイメージをちょっと拝借したかったよね。その逆張りで、酔っ払いでふざけてるけどパワフルで正直ものなの。萃香も使いやすいおかげで、派生していろいろなキャラが生まれてきたように思います。 The initial proposal that Tasogare-san gave to me for "Immaterial and Missing Power" had "sake" as a keyword. So I took "酔" (sui, drunk) and turned it into "萃" (sui, gather). The public had also been warming up to the coolness factor of oni, what with "Onimusha" coming out a little while ago, and so I wanted to borrow that image a little. I went against the popular flow, though, by making her a comical drunk who's still powerful and forthright. Suika's an easy character to use, and thanks to that, I believe I was able to create a nice variety of characters derived from her as well.

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