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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Sumireko Usami

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Sumireko Usami




Though they're quite rare in Gensokyo, it seems that high school girls are pretty common characters. It's difficult to personalize yourself in school uniforms, isn't it? It'd be weird for her to have a uniform that fits too well with her settings, 'cause if that were to happen, I'd have no choice but to characterize her with small accessories. She's a self-righteous character with traits that are often found in self-confident otaku, having the idea that she's shunned by other people because those other people are ignorant and stupid.


She's still in uniform, and therefore safe(?), but it's possible that her civilian clothes are the kinds of garments that fully expose her subculture-esque tastes...Meanwhile, I'm the type of guy who'd end up embarrassed about it later on.



帽子から鳩が出るモーションが好きなのでそれを描きたい! と思って描いてみたら、超能力者というよりも魔術師みたいな感じになっちゃったので修正しました。どうしてもオカルト要素を入れたかったのでいろんな小物を描いて、自信満々な笑顔で宇佐見菫子!!! という感じを出したかったです。

I liked the animation that has doves coming out of her hat, so I wanted to draw it myself! When I first drew it, she ended up looking like she was a magician than a psychic, so I fixed it. I really wanted to add some occult elements, so I included various accessories and gave her a confident smile, to really bring out out the impression of "Sumireko Usami!!!"

Character Data

Character Data
Species: Human
Place of Activity: Outside World, Hakurei Shrine, Kourindou, etc.
Main Abilities: Ability to manipulate psychic powers
Appearances: "Urban Legend in Limbo", etc.

Spell Cards
念力「テレキネシス 不法投棄」

Spell Cards
Psychokinesis "Psychexplosion"
Psychokinesis "Telekinesis: Illegal Dumping"


Sumireko first appeared as the final boss of Urban Legend in Limbo. She's a high-school student that resides in the world outside of Gensokyo. Once she entered high school, she used her psychic powers to preside over the "Secret Sealing Club", an occult club that aimed to uncover the world's mysteries. Targeting Gensokyo, Sumireko sent over "Occult Balls", power stones clad in the mysteries of the Outside World, to Gensokyo. She was aiming to forcefully destroy the barrier with the power of the Outside World's mysteries, spreading around the rumor that "if you collect all seven, something will happen" in order to encourage people to gather them. The Occult Balls also attracted the attention of the people living on the Moon, leading to another incident.


After the Occult Ball incident, it seems that she gained the ability to travel to Gensokyo in her dreams, heightening her interactions.