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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Suwako Moriya

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Suwako Whos Who.png
(もり) () () () ()
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Suwako Moriya
Myriad God
Places of Activity
Youkai Mountain
Geyser Center Area
Special Abilities
Ability to Create Earth (Kun)
Inflicting Curses
謎の神様 The Mysterious God
守矢神社に住む神様で「風神録」Extraステージで登場。神奈子と遊んだのなら自分とも遊べと、弾幕ごっこを迫ってきた。普段はだいたい守矢神社の中で過ごしていて、早苗や神奈子ほど外を出歩かない。神社への信仰を集めるのは、もっぱら早苗たちの役割のようだ A god residing in the Moriya Shrine that first appeared in the Extra stage of Mountain of Faith. She wanted to play danmaku since Kanako herself had gotten to do so. She spends most of her time at the Moriya Shrine and doesn't go out as much as Sanae and Kanako. It seems that Sanae and company are the ones solely responsible for gathering faith to the shrine.
祟り神 Curse Gods
もともと守矢神社は祟り神たちを束ねるリーダーとしての諏訪子の神社だった。あるとき、諏訪子は中央から侵攻してきた神奈子に敗れてしまう。だが、地域では祟り神への恐怖と裏返しの信仰が篤く、勝利したはずの神奈子は諏訪子に協力を仰がなければならなかった。それが原因で、今でも守矢神社の表面上の神様は神奈子、実質の神様は諏訪子という役割分担になっている。また、早苗にとっては遠いご先祖様にあたるらしい。 Originally, the Moriya Shrine belonged solely to Suwako, as she acted as a leader of the curse gods. One day, Suwako had lost to Kanako, who had invaded from the capital. However, the fear of curse gods and the faith for the opposing side were abundant in that area, so Kanako, who should have won, had to ask Suwako for assistance. Because of this, even now, the Moriya Shrine had been split among the two, Kanako as the surface-level god, and Suwako as the de facto god. Also, it seems that Suwako is a distant ancestor of Sanae.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
蛇と蛙の組み合わせにしたくてね。もともと日本神話を見ても諏訪の部分はすごくもやもやして。逃げてきたタケミナカタが、負けた割には諏訪では神様として力があるし、諏訪の神話だとタケミナカタは攻めてきたことになってる。そこがもやもやするし、とてもストーリー的に面白い。だからいろいろ調べたり考えたりした結果、幻想郷としてはこういう風にするのが面白いんじゃないかと思って、元からいた神様と攻めてきた神様の関係を作りました。元からいた神様は力があるので残されていて、実際に力があるのは諏訪子、表に立って威張っているのは神奈子、そしてそれを良しとしてるんです。昔は大和と同じくらいに力のある勢力がいっぱいあったけど、その後の歴史を描いたのは大和朝廷だから今みたいな神話になっている。でも、あちこちの神社には、そういう本筋の神話じゃない物語が残されていて、そういうのが面白いですよね。それこそ幻想郷のテーマにあってると思うんです。 I wanted to have frog and snake combo. Anyway, if you look at Japanese myth, the part about Suwa is really murky. The fleeing Takeminakata found power as a god in Suwa after his defeat, but in Suwa the myth is that Takiminakata invaded. That part is unclear, so I thought it's be really interesting as a story. After I did a lot of research and thinking, I thought it might be cool if that happened in Gensokyo, so I made a story about the relationship between a god who was already there and an invading god. The god who was already there has the power so they were allowed to remain. So Suwako has the real power, while Kanako stands in front putting on airs, and that's fine with them. In the past, plenty of other places had as much power and influence as the Yamato, but afterward history was written by the Yamato Court so the myths became like they are now. But in shrines here and there, there are still stories that don't match up with the main myth, so that's interesting. I think that's the theme of Gensokyo.