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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Tanned Cirno

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() () けしたチルノ

Tanned Cirno

夏を満喫している氷の妖精です。日焼けした○○、というのは「VS. シリーズ(CAPCOM)に出てくる「日焼けしたさくら」のパロディです(そもそもそれ自体も、「殺意の波動に目覚めたリュウ」のパロディですが)。 An ice fairy enjoying the summer. "Tanned XX" is derived from "Tanned Sakura", a character who appeared in the "Marvel vs. Capcom" series (Although she herself is a parody of Ryu awakening to the Satsui no Hado, or Surge of Killing Intent).
氷の妖精なのに、何かチルノって夏の方が似合う気がするんですよね。何でなんでしょう。色合いか、性格か。 Even though she's an ice fairy, I feel that Cirno looks better in the summer. Why is that? Could it be her tinge? Her nature?
日焼けしたチルノ、最初公開された時は本当にびっくりしました……! リボンに向日葵をかざしているところとか、アサガオとか、本当に夏を感じる要素いっぱいで大好きです! 今回のイラストを描くときも夏らしさを出したいと思いました。 Tanned Cirno came as a surprised when she was first revealed...! My favorite details are the sunflower on her ribbon, the morning glories, among other elements that really feel summer-like. When I drew the illustration this time, I really wanted to give it a summery feel.
Character Data
Character Data
Species: Fairy
Place of Activity: Misty Lake
Main Abilities: Ability to manipulate ice
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
Ice Sign "Cool Sunflower"
Cirno's appearance as a playable character in "Hidden Star in Four Seasons". Originally, Cirno was not able to handle the heat due to being an ice fairy, but once she gained power due to the effects of the Four Seasons Incident, she also gained a resistance to heat. Her enthusiasm having grown significantly, Cirno flew around Gensokyo in the summertime. She ended up getting a suntan as a result of that...or so she thought. In truth, her skin had turned brown thanks to the influence of the Four Seasons Incident's power--that is, the influence of Okina's power--and it had become evident that the force drawn out had gone rampant. Apparently, should this power be allowed to run free, it would end up causing personal damages such as a loss of the ego. Luckily, her skin had returned to its previous state once the incident ended, though she also ended up losing her newfound strength.