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Magazine Content[edit]

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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Tenshi Hinanai[1]
Fallen Celestial
Place of Activity
Main Abilities
Ability to manipulate earth
Killing time
天子は天界に住む不良天人だ。地震を鎮める要石を守る神官一族の長の娘で、比那名居家は幻想郷一帯の地震を任されている。大地を操る程度の能力を持ち、地震を鎮めたり、逆に起こしたりすることができる。 Tenshi is a delinquent celestial living in Heaven. She's the daughter of the chief of the Hinanawi clan, a family of priests who are responsible for managing Gensokyo's earthquakes. She has the ability to control earth, and is able to calm earthquakes and vice versa.
天界は穏やかで平穏な楽園のような場所だが、若く遊びたい盛りの天子は退屈していた。そんな折、自らの能力で幻想郷に異変を起こす妖怪たちの様子を羨んだ天子は、天界の道具「緋想の剣」を持ち出して自分でも幻想郷に異変を起こしたが、望み通り(?)博麗の巫女に退治されることとなる。 Heaven is known to be a calm and peaceful paradise, but the young Tenshi was bored and wanted to play. At that time, Tenshi, who envied the sight of yokai causing incidents in Gensokyo with their own abilities, decided to wield a heavenly tool known as the "Sword of Hisou" and cause an incident in Gensokyo as well, but as expected(?), she was exterminated by the Hakurei shrine maiden.
(てん) (にん) について About the Celestials
天人とは天界に住む人間をいう。天界への主な行き方は二通り、死後成仏して天界に行くか、仙人となってからさらに修行を積んで天界に行くかだ。 Celestials are people that reside in Heaven. There are two main ways to reach Heaven: Either achieve Nirvana after death, or become a hermit and and achieve Nirvana with enough training.
だが天子は修行を積んだわけでもなければ、成仏して天人になったわけでもない、生まれながらの天人だという。自分の出自と能力に絶対の自信を持ち、それゆえに常に周囲を見下し威張り散らす天子は天界でも(もちろん幻想郷でも)困ったちゃん扱いされている。実は、比那名居家は仕えていた名居家が神霊として祭られる「ついで」で天人になった一族で、周囲からは不良天人とさげすまれているのだ。天子がやたらと身分をかさに着た言動をとるのも、そういった自らの境遇への反動からくるものなのかもしれない。 Tenshi, however, has neither trained nor become a celestial through achieving Nirvana, but rather, she was born a celestial. Therefore, Tenshi always looks down on the people surrounding her and dominates over them due to having absolute confidence in her background and abilities, and is thus considered a pain in the neck by those living in Heaven (and in Gensokyo, of course). As a matter of fact, the Hinanawi clan "incidentally" became celestials since they were worshiped as divine spirits for serving Nawi-no-Kami, and the members of the clan were considered "bad celestials" by their peers as a result. It's possible that Tenshi's behavior may have stemmed as a response to her own circumstances.
天界からの追放 Expulsion from Heaven
「緋想天」の異変以来しばらく幻想郷に姿を見せていなかった天子だが、完全憑依異変(「東方憑依華」)の際に再び姿を見せるようになった。なんでも催事のために用意された「丹」(※服用するだけで素晴らしい効果がある団子。ただし天人には特に効果は無い)をつまみ食いという名目で食い尽くしたため、追放となったらしい。しばらくは天界に帰れず幻想郷をうろうろしているので、まだ出番は続くのかもしれない。 Although Tenshi hadn't appeared in Gensokyo for some time since the events of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she appeared once again during the Perfect Possession incident that took place during Antinomy of Common Flowers. She was banished from Heaven because she had eaten all of the "Tan" laid out for a special event (*Tan is a type of dumpling that has wonderful effects on those that eat them, but don't seem to have any particular effect on celestials). Unable to return to Heaven for a while, she continues to wander around Gensokyo, so perhaps she'll continue to make appearances in the future.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
「緋想天」のテーマが天気で、で天に上ることが決まってたので、じゃあ天人を作ろうと。天人は人間的に成熟した聖人君子である、という設定だったから本来とは違って尊大な態度に見えるようなキャラとして生まれました。イメージとしては「西遊記」の孫悟空が、近いところがあると思います。要石は「源平討魔伝」ネタです(笑)。 The theme of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody was weather, and since it was settled that the protagonists would be headed to Heaven, I decided to make a celestial. Celestials are regarded by humans to be noble saints, so I thought I'd make a character who had a pompous attitude different from the character established for the celestials. I think the character I established for her is pretty close to that of Sun Wukong from "Journey to the West". The keystone stuff seems straight out of "Genpei Touma Den". (haha)

Book Content[edit]

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  1. In this page the spelling of her name's sound (furigana) treats "Hinanawi" as "Hinanai" carelessly.