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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Utsuho Reiuji

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(れい) () () (うつほ)
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Utsuho Reiuji
霊烏路空(れいうじ・うつほ)、通称お空(おくう)は、地獄鴉だ。「地霊殿」6面ボスとして初登場し、あるきっかけで手に入れた究極の力をふるおうとしていたところを、人間と妖怪のコンビによって鎮圧された。 Utsuho Reiuji, commonly known as "Okuu", is a hell raven. She first debuted as the stage 6 boss of Subterranean Animism, where she was trying to utilize the ultimate power she had acquired at one point, but was suppressed by a human accompanied by a youkai.
地獄鴉と八咫烏 The Hell Raven and the Yatagarasu
地獄鴉は、地獄が地底から引っ越す以前から地底に住んでいる妖怪だ。現在の地底は、地獄が引っ越した後の廃墟に集まってきた者たちがほとんどなので、先住民的ポジションである。普通の地獄鴉にすぎない彼女は、地霊殿に住むようになったさとりや、さとりを慕うほかの動物たちとともに灼熱地獄跡を管理しながら日々を過ごしていた。 The Hell Raven is a type of youkai that had lived underground, even before Hell had relocated to a different spot there. Currently, the underground landscape is in an indigenous position since most of its denizens have gathered in the ruins after Hell relocated. As an ordinary hell raven, she spent her days tending to the Remains of Blazing Hell after she came to live in the Palace of the Earth Spirits with Satori, living alongside other animals that adore Satori.
だが、変化は唐突に訪れた。外の世界からやってきた神様・八坂神奈子が、とある目的のため「神霊を受け入れられる、からっぽな頭の地獄鴉」を探していて、お空はまさに条件にピッタリだった。太陽の力を宿した八咫烏の分霊を受け入れたことで、お空は「核融合を操る力」に目覚め、その影響で見た目も現在のように「3本の足」を持つものへと変化してしまう。究極の力に目覚め、また生来の頭の空っぽさも手伝い、その力で地上を灼熱地獄にしてしまう一歩手前だったが、その後は神奈子の築いた間欠泉地下センターで河童の手伝いをしているようだ。 But suddenly, something had changed. Kanako Yasaka, a god that came from the Outside World, was looking for "an empty-headed hell raven that could accept a divine spirit", and Okuu fit those qualifications perfectly. By accepting the spirit of the Yatagarasu, which harbored the power of the sun, Okuu gained the ability to control "nuclear fusion", and the effects of that gave her the "three-legged" appearance she has now. After awakening to the ultimate power, because of her naturally empty head, she was one step away from turning the surface world into a scorching Hell using that power, but after that, she apparently went on to assist the kappa at the Underground Geyser Center built by Kanako.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
お燐よりもっとポップでダークなキャラですね。なぜ嫌われ者の怨霊が地底から出てきてしまったか、の答えとして「地底には太陽がある、その太陽はパワーがありすぎる」というのをやりたかった。なぜ太陽かは「風神録」からお話を繋げたくてですね。核も、嫌われ者としてはちょうどいいかなと。 A character even more pop dark than Orin. I wanted to answer the question of why the hated were releasing vengeful spirits from the Underworld with "because there's a sun in the Underworld, and that sun has too much power." As for why a sun, it's because I wanted to tie this into MoF. I also thought nuclear power fit in perfectly with the theme of "the hated."

Book Content

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