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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Watatsuki no Toyohime, Watatsuki no Yorihime and Reisen

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Watatsuki Whos Who.png

綿 (わた) (つき)   () (とよ) (ひめ)
綿 (わた) (つき)   () (より) (ひめ)

Watatsuki no Toyohime & Watatsuki no Yorihime
& Reisen

遠く離れた月の都にいる奴らなので、他の作品に出てくる事が難しいのが残念です。 It's a pity that having them appear in works is so difficult due to them living in the faraway Lunar Capital.
デザインは割とシンプルで、二人そろって絵になるような対照的にした気がします。そもそも彼女達のボスである永琳が、全ての物は二つで一つという考えを持っていて、自分の服もそうしたように、部下もそうしたのでしょう。ちなみに、依姫が持っている本は古書型のコンピューターです。 Their designs are relatively simple, and I feel that the contrast of the two sisters make a lovely picture. In the first place, their boss, Eirin, had the idea that all things were one side of a half, as shown by her clothes and possibly her subordinates as well. By the way, the book that Yorihime's carrying is a computer in the shape of an old book.
レイセンは、月の兎はユニークなものでは無く、沢山いる事が判るちょっと怖い存在です。鈴仙とほぼ同じ服装です。名前も飼い主がペット感覚で付けているのでしょう。 For Reisen, she finds it scary that she's not unique among the moon rabbits, and that there are many out there like her. She dresses in the almost the same outfit as Reisen Udongein. Her owner probably gave her that name as though she were a pet.
綿月姉妹&レイセンは3人セットということで、月の都でレイセンに絡んでいる豊姫と、あわあわしているレイセン、そしてそれを見る依姫というイメージのままにザクザクとした感じで描いてみました。 The Watatsuki sisters and Reisen are a set of three, so I tried to draw them all in a rough and ready manner, with Toyohime getting involved with Reisen in the Lunar Capital, Reisen herself fumbling around, and Yorihime watching the whole thing.
月の都の建物が中華風だったので、背景に中華風の窓と、そこから見える月面のイメージを入れています。 Since the buildings of the Lunar Capital are Chinese-styled, I put a Chinese-styled window in the background with an image of the moon's surface outside of that.
Character Data
Character Data
Species: Lunarians (Toyohime & Yorihime), Beast Youkai (Reisen)
Place of Activity: Lunar Capital
Main Abilities: Ability to connect the mountains and sea (Toyohime)
Ability to call upon divine spirits (Yorihime)
Spell Cards
Spell Cards
綿月豊姫と依姫は月人の姉妹で、漫画及び小説「東方儚月抄」(一迅社)に登場。月の賢者である八意永琳の遠縁にあたり、永琳の薫陶を受けていることから彼女を師と仰いでいる。師への敬意は永琳が月を裏切って地上に住んでいる今も変わっていない。「儚月抄」ではかねてからの月への興味を本格的な行動に移したレミリアを隠れ蓑に、1000 年前に地上の妖怪と月の都との間に起こった第一次月面戦争の意趣返しである「第二次月面戦争」を八雲紫が仕掛ける様子が描かれている。依姫と豊姫はその能力をもって地上の人間や妖怪を圧倒し、紫も「力では月には敵わない」としながらも、妖怪ならではのやり方で相手を一杯食わせることに成功する。
Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime are Lunarian sisters who first appeared in the manga series, "Touhou Bougetsushou" (published by Ichijinsha). They are distant relatives to Eirin Yagokoro, one of the Lunar Sages, and they look to Eirin as their mentor since she inspires the two of them. Their respect for Eirin as their mentor hasn't changed, even after Eirin had betrayed the moon and went to live on Earth. "Silent Sinner in Blue" shows Yukari Yakumo setting up a Second Lunar War as revenge for the first war that occurred 1,000 years ago between the youkai on Earth and the Lunar Capital, while using Remilia Scarlet's long-standing interest in the moon as a guise. Yorihime and Toyohime's power overwhelmed the humans and youkai of Earth, and though Yukari had claimed that she couldn't compete with the moon's power, she succeeded in damaging her opponents in way that was unique to youkai.
姉の豊姫はおっとりした性格で、桃が好き(帽子にも付いてる)。主な能力は何処にでも移動できること。妹の依姫はしっかり者で、さまざまな神霊を憑依させて戦う。降ろす神様が強い分だけ依姫も強くなり、書籍「東方求聞口授」(一迅社)の巻末インタビューで ZUN 氏は「強すぎて漫画じゃないと出せない」「ゲームはどんなボスでも倒せなきゃいけないから」と述べている。 Toyohime, the elder sister, has a gentle personality and likes peaches (she even keeps some in her hat). Her main ability is to be able to move anywhere. Her younger sister, Yorihime, is a gutsy person who depends on multiple divine spirits in combat. Yorihime becomes stronger depending on the strength of the god she calls down, and in a post-book interview at the end of "Symposium of Post-mysticism" (published by Ichijinsha), ZUN had claimed that she would be too strong to include outside of manga, since "bosses in a game have to actually be defeatable".
レイセンは、同じく「儚月抄」に登場する月の兎(玉兎)。綿月姉妹のペットだった鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバが地上に行ってしまったが、とある経緯で綿月姉妹の元で兵士兼ペットとして働くこととなり、その際に「レイセン(※鈴仙は月ではこう呼ばれていた)」の二代目として同じ名前を与えられた。なので本名は不明。元のレイセン(鈴仙)と比べると戦闘センスに劣ると評されているが、玉兎としての能力である波長を操る能力や、遠くの玉兎と通信する能力は標準装備の模様。 Reisen is a moon rabbit who debuted in "Silent Sinner in Blue". Reisen Udongein Inaba, the former pet of the Watatsuki sisters, had went to live on Earth. Reisen had worked as a pet and a soldier under the sisters, and at that time, was given Reisen Udongein's name and dubbed the "second" (Reisen Udongein had this name when she was on the Moon). Therefore, Reisen's real name is unknown. Reisen is said to have an inferior sense of combat when compared to her predecessor, Reisen Udongein; Her ability to manipulate wavelengths and remotely communicate with other moon rabbits is considered standard for moon rabbits.