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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo/Yamame Kurodani

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Magazine Content

(くろ) (だに) ヤマメ
Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Yamame Kurodani
ヤマメは土蜘蛛だ。普段は妖怪の山麓にある風穴に住んでいる。「地霊殿」では1面のボスとして登場し、間欠泉から湧いた怨霊の調査をするべく地底に向かう主人公たちと鉢合わせた。その弾幕は1面のボスにしては密度があり、ゲームの難易度の高さを道中に続いて教えてくれる。 Yamame is a tsuchigumo that usually resides in the blowhole located at the foot of Youkai Mountain. During her debut as the stage 1 boss of Subterranean Animism, she was met with the heroine, who was headed underground in order to investigate the vengeful spirits sprouting from the geyser. Her danmaku is quite dense for a stage 1 boss, which should tell you about how difficult the game will be going forward.
病気を操る程度の能力 Ability to Manipulate Illness
「地霊殿」に登場する妖怪たちは嫌われ者ぞろいだが、一番のヤマメは病気、それも主に高熱を発症する系の感染症を操るというのだから嫌われ者と言われても納得である。もちろん感染した人間を媒介して病は伝染する。 The youkai who appear in Subterranean Animism are all hated in some way, but Yamame is especially hated. It makes sense too, since her ability is manipulating diseases, especially infectious diseases that cause symptoms like high fevers. Naturally, such diseases are transmitted through infected humans...
ヤマメは不用意に誰彼構わず病気にしてしまうわけではないが、自分の能力が嫌われていることは自覚しているので、進んで洞窟から出たりはしない。別に周囲に気を遣ってのことではなく、あくまで処世術の範囲である。なお地底では持ち前の性格の明るさから人気があるようだ。精神的にかなりタフなのかもしれないが、妖怪なので人間の尺度で測ってはいけない。 Yamame won't carelessly infect people, but she knows that people don't like her abilities, so she never leaves the cave willingly. It's not out of concern for those around her, but rather a way of getting by. Due to her inherent cheeriness, she seems to be rather popular among the subterranean folk. She's also quite tough mentally, but since she's a youkai, that toughness shouldn't be measured by human standards.
実は建築を得意としていて、ほかの妖怪からの依頼があれば地上に出て作業をすることもあるようだ。依頼は天狗や河童、鬼など山に関係した妖怪から来ている様子である。 By the way, she's quite good at architecture, and she'll occasionally travel above ground to work on projects at the request of other youkai. Those requests mainly come from mountain-dwelling youkai like tengu, kappa, and oni.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
嫌われるキャラクターを作りたくて、病気でも「伝染する病気」を操ることにしました。土蜘蛛にすることは決まっていたんですが、8本足にはできなかったので、せめて蜘蛛らしさの表れとして逆さにしようと。でもゲームでは逆さにできなかったので、体験版ディスクの盤面で逆さになっているように印刷しています(笑)。蜘蛛モチーフは、やりすぎちゃうと気持ち悪くなるので、そうならないように気を遣っています。 I wanted to make a character who was hated, so I made her control not just disease, but "contagious disease." I had decided that she'd be a tsuchigumo, but I couldn't give her 8 legs, so I thought I should at least show her spiderness by having her upside-down. But I couldn't put her upside-down in-game, so I printed her upside-down on the trial version disc (laugh). If I'd gone too hard on the spider motif she might have ended up creepy, so it was a relief not to.

Book Content

Page 46-47
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Yamame Whos Who.png

(くろ) (だに) ヤマメ

Yamame Kurodani








Character Data

Character Data
Species: Youkai
Place of Activity: The Dark Blowhole
Main Ability: Ability to manipulate illness (mainly infectious disease)
Appearances: "Subterranean Animism," etc.

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Trap Sign "Capture Web"
Miasma Sign "Filled Miasma"