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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
Places of Activity:
Higan, etc.
Main Abilities
Capable of establishing things as clear good or evil
Passing judgements
彼岸の閻魔 The Yamas of Higan
四季映姫・ヤマザナドゥは、死者を裁く者――すなわち閻魔である。「花映塚」ではラスボスとして霊夢たちを待ち受けていた。彼女は主に三途の河の向こう側である彼岸にいるが、ときおり幻想郷へ出向き、人間や妖怪に説教をすることもある。 Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu is one of the judges of the dead-- a Yama. In "Phantasmagoria of Flower View", she awaited Reimu and the others' arrival as the final boss. She spends most of her time at Higan, the far shore of the Sanzu River, but sometimes drops by Gensokyo to deliver lectures to the humans and youkai there.
白黒はっきり付ける程度の能力、もう少し具体的には、物事の善悪を判断する基準を持つ。この力で裁判を行い、死者を天界・冥界・地獄のどこへ送るかの判決を下す。 She is capable of "clearly establishing things in black or white"; more specifically, she has an innate standard against which she can judge the good or evil of various things. She uses this ability to conduct trials and pass judgement on whether a soul should go to Heaven, the Netherworld, or Hell.
東方Projectにおける閻魔 Yamas in the Touhou Project
東方Projectにおいて、閻魔は極めて職業的に描写されている。 In the Touhou series, a Yama's job is depicted as extremely bureaucratic.
彼(女)らは地獄の組織「是非曲直庁」に属する、現世の裁判官のような存在だ。かつて地獄が人手不足に陥った際、各地のお地蔵さまを閻魔として登用したため、今では数多くの閻魔が裁判官として働いている。元お地蔵さまの閻魔は、もともと自らがあった場所の死者の裁判を行っているので、かつては映姫も幻想郷のお地蔵さまだったのだろうか。 They are akin to the judges of the mortal world, employed by an organization within Hell known as the "Ministry of Right and Wrong". At one time when Hell was extremely short-staffed, the Ministry appointed Jizo statues from various locations as additional Yamas, and so several Yamas now work as judges all at once. The ex-Jizo Yamas conduct trials for souls from the location they used to inhabit, so Eiki may very well have been a Jizo statue from Gensokyo.
説教臭さの理由 Why She's So Preachy
主な映姫の仕事は死者の裁判だが、彼岸から幻想郷へ出向き、地獄に落ちる危険がある者に行いを改めるよう忠告することもある。彼女いわく、地獄は罰を与えるためではなく、生者に罪を背負わないためにあるという。映姫が説教をするのは、地獄本来の役割を気づかせるためなのだ。それは公正を肯とする立場にある彼女なりの、せいいっぱいの愛情なのかもしれない。 Eiki's main job is to judge the dead, but she also travels from Higan to Gensokyo in order to admonish those who are in danger of falling into Hell, in the hopes of getting them to reconsider their actions. According to her, Hell doesn't exist in order to punish sinners, but rather to prevent the living from committing sins in the first place. Eiki's lectures are meant to alert people to this original purpose that Hell holds. As her position requires her to remain neutral at all times, this may be her way of showing a great deal of affection.
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
完全に元の設定が強いキャラで、最終的に閻魔様にはだれも勝てない。それがやりたかったんだけど、戦う相手は悪でもなんでもなくて、説教されて終わるなんてクソゲーだよね(笑)。幻想郷とは別の場所にいて、見守ってくれてるっていうキャラが出たので世界が広がった。「ヤマザナドゥ」は変な名前にしたかったんだよね。ヤマは夜摩天……はもちろんなんだけど、どっちかっていうと「“山”の中」の楽園だから(笑)。 She's a character with an indisputably strong background; nobody can win against the Yama in the end. That's what I wanted to do, but then it became a total stinker of a game where the final boss isn't evil at all, and you just get lectured by her and that's it (laugh). Since I introduced a character who watches over things from a place other than Gensokyo, the world expanded. I wanted to give her a weird name, so I called her "Yamaxanadu". The "Yama" part comes from Yamaten, of course... but if I had to say one way or another it's because the "xanadu" of Gensokyo is in the middle of a bunch of mountains ("yama"). (Laugh)

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