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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Yoshika Miyako
Seiga Kaku
壁抜け仙人とキョンシー The Hermit that can Pass Through Walls and the Jiangshi
青娥は仙人の中でも邪仙……考えや行いがよろしくないため、天人となる道が閉ざされた存在だ。「東方神霊廟」4面に初登場した際は、豊聡耳神子が眠る霊廟を手駒の宮古芳香とともに守っていて、その後は芳香とともに幻想郷で気ままな生活を続けている。 Seiga is considered a "wicked hermit" among other hermits...She's someone who's been cut off from the path to become a celestial because her thoughts and actions are immoral. When she first appeared in the fourth stage of Ten Desires, she was protecting the mausoleum that Toyosatomimi no Miko was sleeping in alongside her pawn, Yoshika Miyako, and has since continued to live out her carefree life alongside Yoshika in Gensokyo.
青娥の代表的な能力は、髪に刺した鑿(ノミ)による壁抜けで、だいたいどんなものでも穴を空けて通り抜けられる。この能力に満足した青娥は、ほかの仙術の修業はあまりしていないらしいが、それでも仙人の宿命である地獄からの使者は――自然に反して長すぎる寿命の者への、文字通りの「お迎え」――を1000年以上の退け続けるだけの確かな実力を備えている。 Seiga's main ability is to pass through almost any wall using the chisel she wears in her hair. Satisfied with this ability alone, Seiga doesn't seem to have practiced with any other forms of Senjutsu. Nevertheless, she also has the solid ability to consistently reject the literal "approach of death" from the assassins from Hell (the fate of all hermits and those whose lifespans are too long for nature) for over 1000 years.
もともと興味本位で仙人になった青娥は、自分の力をひけらかすことが目的となっており、見込みのある人間にちょっかいをかけるのが趣味。日本に来たのも、豊聡耳神子に道教を勧めにきたのもそのためである。 Seiga, having originally intended to become a hermit out of curiosity, now aims to show off her power, and extends her hand to promising humans in her downtime. That's why she came to Japan and recommended Taoism to Toyosatomimi no Miko.
芳香はキョンシーだ。初登場の「東方神霊廟」3面では霊廟への侵入者を撃退するよう青娥に命じられていた。キョンシーの成りかたにもいくつかあるが、芳香は青娥が日本に来てから道術で作ったキョンシーで、古代日本人の死体をベースにしている。死体が腐り果てれば滅びる定めのキョンシーだが、芳香には防腐の呪がかけられているため主ともども健在である。ただし能が腐っているため意識はなく、額のお札に書かれた青娥の命令に従って行動している。札が外れたときに本来の芳香としての行動原理が現れるというが、その状態の目撃証言は少ない。 Yoshika is a Jiangshi. During her debut as the stage 3 boss of Ten Desires, she was ordered by Seiga to repel those trespassing the mausoleum. There are several ways of creating Jiangshi, but Yoshika is a Jiangshi made with Taoism by Seiga, and she was made with the corpse of an ancient Japanese person as the base since Seiga was in Japan. Normally, a Jiangshi would perish once it has completely decomposed, but Yoshika is still active thanks to an anti-decomposition spell placed on her by her master. However, she has no consciousness since her functions have decayed, and she acts according to the instructions Seiga has written on the note attached to her forehead. It's said that Yoshika displays her original behavioral principles once the note is removed, but there are very few eyewitnesses that can testify that situation.

Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
「神霊廟」は生まれ変わりがテーマだからいままで出てなかった人気キャラのゾンビを出したいな、と思ったのが芳香。道教もテーマだったので、キョンシーにしてね。当初はもっと皮膚の色が悪い予定だったけど、青すぎたので止めました。キョンシーは誰かが操るものなので、仙人の青娥はセット。キョンシーを使う奴がいい仙人のはず無いよねっていう。見た目的には、いちばん仙人っぽいキャラかもしれない。 Because the theme of Ten Desires is reincarnation, I wanted to make a zombie, a popular character type that has never appeared up to that point, and so Yoshika was made. Taoism was another theme, so I made her a Jiangshi. At first, her skin was to have much less color than it does here, but I eventually backed out because she would've been too blue. Jiangshi are things controlled by other people, so I settled on Seiga. They say that a guy who controls a Jiangshi does not a good hermit make. From the intentions I've seen, however, she may be the most hermit-ish character here.

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