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Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo
Yuuka Kazami
Places of Activity:
Garden of the Sun, etc.
Main Abilities:
Capable of manipulating flowers
「花映塚」での異変 The "Phantasmagoria of Flower View" Incident
風見幽香は「花映塚」に登場する妖怪だ。一部のキャラを自機に選んだときに敵として戦うことになる。幻想郷のいたるところが花で満たされるという異変に、幽香は特に驚きはしなかった。長く生きる彼女は、かつて同じ異変に遭遇しており、その原因をよく知っていたからである。また、純粋に季節の花が好きという理由もあったのかもしれない。 Yuuka Kazami is a youkai who appeared in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View". Depending on which character the player chooses, she may be encountered as an enemy. Though at the time Gensokyo was covered in an unusual amount of flowers, Yuuka was not terribly surprised. Because she has lived so long, she had encountered the incident before and was already aware of the cause. Also, she may simply have enjoyed the seasonal flowers' presence.
花を咲かせる、枯れた花を元に戻すなど、花を操ることができる程度の能力を持っている。そのため霊夢たちから異変の犯人として扱われたが、それは全くの見当はずれだった。 She has the ability to manipulate flowers, such as making flowers bloom and returning withered flowers to a healthy state. Because of this, Reimu and the others were certain she was the culprit, even though their suspicions were misplaced.
妖怪としての強さ Strength as a Youkai
幽香は幻想郷に住む妖怪の中でもかなりの強さを誇る。それは花を操る能力より、身体能力や妖力など、妖怪としての基本的なステータスの高さによるところが大きい。長く生きるなかで蓄えた、経験の多さもその強さに一役かっているのかもしれない。 Yuuka boasts considerable strength among the youkai of Gensokyo-- not so much because of her ability to manipulate flowers, but rather because her basic physical and magical abilities as a youkai are very high. The experience she's built up over her long life may also contribute to her strength.
「花映塚」でラスボスの四季映姫・ヤマザナドゥと対峙したとき、幻想郷で誰が強いかはっきりさせてやると喧嘩を売っている(映姫は幻想郷の住人ではないが)ことから、彼女自身も強さには自信があるのだろう。霊夢は過去に幽香を退治したことがあるらしいが、本当なのか今ひとつ定かではない。 In her battle against the final boss of "Phantasmagoria of Flower View," Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, she challenged Eiki while saying that she wanted to clarify which of the two was the strongest in Gensokyo (though Eiki herself is technically not a Gensokyo resident). This implies that Yuuka herself is also very confident in her strength. Reimu claims to have exterminated Yuuka in the past, but it's unknown if this is true or not.
ラスボスに匹敵する強さを誇る幽香だが、実際に1998年に発売された「東方幻想郷」(いわゆる旧作)ではラスボスとして登場している。もっとも「幻想郷」では、風見の姓を持っておらず、設定も「花映塚」の幽香に直接引き継がれてているわけではない。 Yuuka not only has strength comparable to that of a final boss, but also appeared as a final boss in one of the old works, "Lotus Land Story," released in 1998. However, in "Lotus Land Story," she did not have the last name "Kazami," and her character setting is not directly carried over to the Yuuka in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View."
Comment from ZUN Comment from ZUN
単純に旧作(※「紅魔郷」以前)のキャラを出したかったんだよね。今の格好は後輩の「西方プロジェクト」に登場したときのものだけど、あのころ考えてた強いボスの条件として、本気じゃない方がいいなと。だから最初は寝起きで、最後に本気モードと戦うの。そんなに今の設定とは合致してないけど、あのころはまだ昔のキャラも出せたかなって。恐らく昔のキャラはそろそろ隠居して、今はいろいろなことを暖かく見守ってるのかなって思ってます。 I basically just wanted to bring back a character from the old works (*from before "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil"). Her current appearance is based on the one from "Seihou Project", made by my juniors. Back then, based on the personal criteria I had for a "strong boss", I figured it would be better if she weren't being too serious the first time you fought her. Then, when she woke up all the way, she would have a "serious mode." I wonder if I could've gotten away with bringing back more older characters at the time, too... although they wouldn't mesh that well with the current setting. I'd say those old characters have probably retired by now, and are warmly watching over things from various places nowadays.

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