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Strange Creators of Outer World/Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo - Everlasting Edition/Afterword by Genji Asai

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Genji Asai
唖采…弦二です…。 Genji...Asai here...
I'm a bit low-tension this time around, but I'm always like this anyway.

I'm a being who's inferior to the human race, like dog poop. Anyways, abababababa....

Huh?! The hell was I doing there?
Alright, now to get back on track! This! Is Gengi Asai!!
(What's happening here now?)
…あ、みなさん石投げないでください。 ...Ah, everyone, please don't throw stones at me.
As usual, I did the cover illustration, but how'd everyone like it this time around?
Actually, I don't want any trauma, so I won't ask for feedback.
さて今回のカバーは「霊夢と魔理沙」は二人で何をしているのか?…がテーマのイラストです。 So, what are "Reimu and Marisa" doing on this cover? ...That was the theme I went with here.
皆さんのリテラシーを試す、みたいなテーマですが、なんかエロい感じもありますね(死ね)。 The theme is to test your literacy, but there's also something erotic about it (dies).
「絵とは見る人間によって完成する」という古代ローマの言葉もありますが(ウソ)、いろいろ想像して楽しんでみてね! There's an ancient Roman saying which states "a painting is only complete by the person who sees it" (lie), so I hope you can use your imagination and have fun here!
それではまたどこかで! See you somewhere else!