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This article describes the story of Subterranean Animism in detail.


One winter day in Gensokyo, a geyser erupts near the Hakurei Shrine and forms a hot spring. However, earth spirits from the underground came up around the hot spring. Despite the presence of the earth spirits, Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame decide to build a spa on the hot spring, and the earth spirits didn't bother them. Youkai, on the other hand, are suspicious of the sudden appearance of the earth spirits, and they conscript Reimu and Marisa to go underground and investigate for them with a device from Yukari Yakumo to stay in contact.

Depending on who you choose, only one of the two girls go out to investigate, with an other person watching after them on the surface. For Reimu the partner could be either Yukari Yakumo, Suika Ibuki or Aya Shameimaru. For Marisa the three are Alice Margatroid, Patchouli Knowledge or Nitori Kawashiro.

Main Story[edit]

Reimu Hakurei and Yukari Yakumo[edit]

Reimu eventually goes underground to stumble upon a tsurube-otoshi who isn't a real threat. After she meet with Yamame Kurodani, a tsuchigumo. She isn't hostile and even invites Reimu to a feast in the underground. Still, Yukari treats her as an enemy resulting in Yamame getting mad. She attacks, but couldn't stand a change. Reimu is going further, and deeper underground.

Reimu has no idea where she is now, and when a stranger asks her what she wants in the Former Capital Reimu is left behind with questions. The stranger is Parsee Mizuhashi, a bridge princess able to control people's jealousy. Again, Yukari wants Reimu to defeat her but Reimu only wants the hot springs. Being so jealous, Parsee made a reason to attack her. But she failed, and Reimu moves forward.

Upon reaching the Former Capital, an oni shows up and challenges Reimu for a fight. She says Reimu should keep up with her. Reimu wants her to move away already. She stops, and says her name is Yuugi Hoshiguma. Yuugi and Yukari talks together, Yukari blaming her and the other oni not taking care enough of the earth spirits. Reimu interrupts them, and immediately want to go to the so called Palace of the Earth Spirits. But not before Yuugi once again tries to fight with Reimu. Again, Reimu was the stronger one. They proceed.

As they reach the Palace of the Earth Spirits, a cat just wanders by, attacking them. It ran away just as quickly, though. Eventually Reimu meets another youkai, which strangely enough can read her mind. Not so strange though, as she reveals herself as Satori Komeiji, a satori. She is the master of the Palace of the Earth Spirits. Yukari wants Reimu to finish her already, but she just keeps listening and let Satori read her mind. Satori says the geyser was caused by one of her pets. Satori starts fighting eventually, but looses. She will lead Reimu to deeper underground, to the courtyard of the mansion.

Deeper underground, where it is really hot, the same cat from earlier appears. But this time it turned into Rin Kaenbyou, also known as Orin. She says she listened to Reimu's goal underground, which she better should not do. So they fight, but Reimu is strong enough to beat Orin. Orin gives Reimu a good luck, as the actual culprit, another one of Satori's pet, is even more powerful as that pet had swallowed an actual god. Still, Reimu moves along.

The last part, for the last time, Orin tries to stop them but fails again. So Reimu reaches the other pet. Her name is Utsuho Reiuji, who takes care of the hellfire. She says the geyser can't be stopped due to her ultimate powers. She wants to fight, and after she wins she wants to go to above ground to use her powers. They start fighting, but Reimu ultimately defeats Utsuho.

Reimu Hakurei and Suika Ibuki[edit]

Reimu Hakurei and Aya Shameimaru[edit]

Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid[edit]

Marisa Kirisame and Patchouli Knowledge[edit]

Marisa Kirisame and Nitori Kawashiro[edit]

The heroine sets out to start off in the underground, suddenly hearing another person's voice (specifically, the one watching them). A surprise attack by Kisume gets brushed aside by the heroine and they continue their descent into the underground. After, a ground spider, Yamame Kurodani is surprised to see humans heading off to the underground. Yamame attacks the heroine, attempting to shoo away the heroine, but failing. The heroine moves on to the deeper underground, seeing a bridge. But the heroine encounters the youkai of jealousy, Parsee Mizuhashi. Parsee is the bridge guard and tries to stop the heroine from proceeding. Parsee is quickly defeated, and the heroine moves on. Passing the bridge, the heroine finds the Ancient City of Oni, a city near the Palace of Earth Spirits. But before the heroine proceeded any further, an Oni, Yuugi Hoshiguma stops them from going any further. But of course, Yuugi is defeated. Yuugi tells the heroine where the Palace of Earth Spirits is. The heroine enters the Palace, seeing a cat. After a while, the heroine meets the master of the Palace of Earth Spirits, Satori Komeiji. Satori finds it unusual for a human to visit the underground into the Palace of Earth Spirits. Satori attacks the heroine, but is defeated. Satori states that she has nothing to do with the evil spirits incident and it is maybe her pet cat, that controls all the corpses in the Remains of Blazing Hell. The heroine heads in there. It is a much hotter place than before, after all, it's a blazing hell. The cat from before encounters the heroine again. The cat transforms into it's youkai form. The cat's name was Rin Kaenbyou (Or her nickname, Orin). Rin was surprised to see a human to make it into such a hot place. Rin states that she was the one who sent the evil spirits to earth. According to Rin, her friend, Utsuho Reiuji recently acquired nuclear powers and was going to use them to take over Gensokyo. Rin was worried about Utsuho, and sent evil spirits to the world above to ask youkai for help, but she never expected it was a human that came. Rin fought with the heroine to see if she was good enough to battle Utsuho. Rin was defeated, and told where Utsuho should be. The heroine proceeded into a much hotter place than before, and then encountering Rin again. Rin states that if the heroine dies here, her ashes will burn so hard when she dies, there will be no remains left. Rin fought again with the heroine, but lost yet again. Finally, the heroine meets Utsuho. Utsuho was a hell raven. She states that she was going to burn Gensokyo with her newly given nuclear powers, and turn it into hell. The heroine prevented that from happening by battling Utsuho. Utsuho was defeated, even with her ultimate nuclear powers. She states that a goddess, who is presumed to be Kanako Yasaka, told Utsuho that if she swallowed the god Yatagarasu, she would acquire nuclear powers. The Moriya Shrine was planning something, but Utsuho didn't understand it properly and decided it to use the powers to take over Gensokyo.


Bad ending (Reimu)[edit]

Reimu ends up running back to the shrine and to help prepare for the next round she either freezes her tools or soak in the hot spring. Or with Reimu C (Aya), she attacks a crow.

Bad ending (Marisa)[edit]

Marisa's bad ending concerns the geyser and sometimes the spirits that are flowing out of it. Alice insists on her going back and solving thing, Patchouli tells her about the grudges they bear and Nitori's more concerned about the energy causing it.

Ending (Reimu A/Yukari)[edit]

Reimu's cleaning up the shrine when Yukari appears and talks about catching Orin (by the geyser) and her role in the incident and what to do with her. IN the end Reimu keeps her around feeding her some until one day there was news of dead bodies vanishing.

Ending (Reimu B/Suika)[edit]

Utsuho is visiting the Shrine as Reimu cleans up and Suika lounges around. They talk about her power and where got it from, tipping Reimu off to Kanako's involvement, though Suika's content to just relax. They then talk about Orin's role and the spirits in the geyser where Suika figures why she did it: warning someone about something like a hell raven plotting something. It goes on to note that the Geyser didn't stop, which Reimu was glad about as she wonders which god gave Utsuho her power and why. She decides to go up after resting (This appears to tie into the extra stage pretty well)

Ending (Reimu C/Aya)[edit]

Aya and Reimu are talking about Aya's attempt of an article on the adventure, which isn't flattering to Reimu. Reimu asks her about the fact the mountain gods are plotting something and Aya reveals she couldn't get much info on that as they get to questioning Utsuho who was also there though to no real avail besides it was for peaceful purposes. Her explaination of nuclear power ends up with Reimu coming to one conclusion: they want hot springs. Aya decides on an article on that (with Utsuho remarking who'd want to read a paper with those kinds of stories?) and Reimu plans to go up to the mountain later. (Another tie to the extra stage)

Ending (Marisa A/Alice)[edit]

At the Geyser, Alice and Marisa talk about a mix of things, such as the heat and how to deal with it, hot spring eggs, and why the spirits where there with them concluding the spirits were from the geyser (not realizing Orin's role in that or why she did it). They later learn that Utsuho got her power from a mountain god as they plan on going up for some power like that.

Ending (Marisa B/Patchouli)[edit]

At the SDM's Library, Patchouli telling Marisa how evil spirits are made: if a youkai takes the body before a shinigami appears with Marisa realizing the cat she ran into was one. She also takes out a spirit she couldn't tell until learning evil spirits are hot while normal phantoms are cold (thus what Marisa had wit her was just a phantom). Patchouli remarks that the incident wouldn't happen if the people in the earth palace actually took care of their pets. It goes to talk about the geyser existing to dispel excess heat and it goes into a talk about what happens when people let their pets run wild: They might find a way to extend their lives and become youkai, thus possibly being a threat to the master. It says one must realize that an animal youkai they see might have a pet at one time (though the title is "they were probably youkai at the start", referring to the earth spirit palace's pets.

Ending (Marisa C/Nitori)[edit]

Marisa and Nitori are talking about how to use fusion power with Nitori trying turbines which weren't effective. Marisa suggests asking the Hell Raven herself. It goes well as Utsuho sees Marisa as stronger thus she listens to her, though she tells her that she needs certain atoms from the mountain god to do reactions. Marisa decides to visit the Moriya shrine and asking the gods there for fusion energy, though it notes they have no reason to.

Extra Backstory[edit]

Although the earth spirits have vanished, Reimu and Marisa still don't know what started the incident, so they asked Utsuho and Orin, who were visiting the Hakurei shrine. Utsuho said that a god came from above ground looking for the strongest hell raven and she got her powers when she claimed she is the strongest hell raven. However, she doesn't remember anything else about the god other than that the god came from a mountain and that said god had a partner. This leads Reimu and Marisa to suspect Kanako and Suwako.

Extra Story[edit]

Later, the heroine decides to pay a visit to the Moriya Shrine for more information. On the way to find the goddess Kanako, the heroine encounters a shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine, Sanae Kochiya. Sanae is defeated, and then the heroine proceeds to find Kanako. However, Kanako was no where to be seen. However, the heroine encounters someone else, Satori's little sister, Koishi Komeiji. Koishi asks the heroine where the goddess is, but the heroine doesn't know. When the heroine heard Koishi's full name, they instantly knew she was related to Satori. Koishi also knew that the heroine was the human that entered the Palace of Earth Spirits. Koishi heard that the heroine defeated "Okuu" (Utsuho's nickname), meaning the heroine is stronger. Koishi decided to challenge the heroine in a battle. Though, Koishi is defeated. The heroine was trying to find out about the nuclear powers. Koishi was at the Moriya Shrine because she found out it was the goddesses of the Moriya Shrine that gave Utsuho the nuclear powers, and Koishi wanted a "Gloomy Power of Love" for her pets.


It turns out that Kanako wanted to rekindle the Hell of Blazing Fires as part of a plan to create a nuclear fusion reactor in Gensokyo. Part of the plan involved finding a hell raven, whom Kanako would grant the power of Yatagarasu. The fact that a geyser appeared implies that the plan was a success. In the end, the youkai were comfortable with this, though Reimu was upset that Kanako didn't tell anyone about this before Reimu went underground.