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Snow falls on the Hakurei Shrine in winter.
It had been destroyed by an earthquake before, but now it's back to normal.
One day, something happened to surprise the Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei.
That was the sudden appearance of a white pillar shooting into the air - a geyser - near the shrine grounds.


Normally, when something unusual happens, she goes to find out what happened and quickly bring the matter to a close, but this made her happy as much as it surprised her.
After all, the geyser would melt the snow and become a hot spring that would ease the fatigue of both humans and youkai from nearby.


Marisa "... isn't it dangerous to get too close to a geyser?"

  霊夢 「神社にお客を呼べるチャンスなんだから、お客が多少危険でも良いのよ。

Reimu "It could attract visitors to the shrine, so who cares?"
If a hot spring comes up then even villagers will come here, mark my words."


Marisa "Yeah, for the hot spring."

However, Reimu's hopeful observations were off the mark.
The geyser spewed forth more than just water for a hot spring.
 次々とわき出る異形の者達。地霊――地底に住む者達であった。 One by one a series of grotesque characters appeared. Earth spirits - denizens of the deep underground.


Confused, the two girls wondered what to do about the geyser, so they decided to build a hot spring.

In fact, the earth spirits were quiet and kept to themselves. Most of them were simply ghosts who had finally been relieved of their ties to this world and allowed to pass on.

In Gensokyo, where youkai and phantoms ran rampant as a matter of course, the appearance of a few earth spirits didn't seem like such a big deal.
However, that decision by the shrine maiden bought the youkai's unhappiness.
There was a secret behind the appearance of the earth spirits about which Reimu and Marisa didn't have the slightest inkling of knowledge.


—— The Scarlet Devil Manor

The magician that lived in the Scarlet Devil Manor, Patchouli Knowledge, sensed danger in the appearance of youkai and earth spirits from underground.
In her readings, she'd learned that somewhere slept a power that was uncontrollable by the likes of the youkai from above ground.

She also knew that youkai shouldn't easily be able to enter the city that lay in the depths.


However, there was almost no-one she could consult with regarding this problem.
Losing her temper with Reimu and company, she grudgingly decided to consult with the youkai who was said to have been in Gensokyo the longest.
 古い妖怪――八雲紫(やくもゆかり)は妖怪が地底界へ干渉する事は控えたいとしていた。 This old youkai, Yukari Yakumo, wanted the youkai to refrain from interfering in the affairs of the underground world.

  紫  『地底界には別の<仕組み>があるのだから、余り派手に動いてはいけない』

Yukari "The underground world has different arrangements, so we can't act too overtly."


Pache "Well, the humans aren't going to do anything. At this rate we'll lose our initiative; is that what you want?"

  紫  『そうねぇ……しょうがないわ、貴方達に<また>勝手に動かれたら面倒だしね』

Yukari "Hm, that's true... I suppose I have no choice, I can't let you all just do whatever you want again."


Pache "What do you mean, again... ? In any case, will you do something?
You seem to know something about the underground."

  紫  『いいえ、私達は動きません。地底に潜るのは人間だけです。

Yukari "No, I can't do anything. Only humans can go to the underground.
Besides, this might be a trap to draw us in."

 紫はそう言って霊夢達を送り出す事だけは約束し、妖怪は地上からサポート役にまわる様にした。 Yukari promised only to send Reimu to investigate, with youkai staying behind to act in a support role.
—— The sealed youkai awoke together with the violent geyser.
The memories of the earth began to awaken, and Gensokyo would probably regress into an older period from its history.
The youkai of the underground were cast into the depths because of their abominable powers.
It couldn't be a fortuitous thing for humans or youkai if they were to appear again.
The snow, slowly shining.
The palace, surrounded by beautiful colors.
   彼女はそこにいた。 She was there.
 Story   Reimu and Yukari's Scenario
 Reimu and Suika's Scenario
 Reimu and Aya's Scenario
 Marisa and Alice's Scenario
 Marisa and Patchouli's Scenario
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