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Sunken Fossil World/Spell Cards/Marisa Kirisame

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Th175 SC1.jpg
Spell Card Story Mode 1
森符「バイオレントトリコローマ」(Morifu "Baiorento Torikorooma")
Forest Sign "Violent Tricholoma"[1]
Marisa Kirisame
Stage 1 (Reimu, Murasa), Stage A1 (Flandre)
Spell Card Story Mode 1
火符「バイオレントカエンタケ」(Chifu "Baiorento Kaentake")
Fire Sign "Violent Cornu-damae" [2]
Marisa Kirisame
Stage 1 (Yuuma)


  1. The Japanese name of "tricholoma" is literally "yellow damp-ground" (黄湿地 ki shimeji), which was originally the abbreviated form of "yellow damp-ground mushroom" (黄湿地茸 ki shimeji dake). In addition to this spellcard, the mushroom's name also appears in Reimu's Story Mode Stage 1 title. "Yellow damp-ground mushroom" could also be interpreted as referring to Marisa herself, as a yellow-haired mushroom-lover.
  2. Podostroma cornu-damae, known by colloquial names such as "poison fire coral", is a fatally poisonous mushroom with a distinctive red, fingerlike appearance. Known as "flame mushroom" (カエンタケ kaentake) in Japanese.