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Sunken Fossil World/Story

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General Story

Reimu's Scenario

Marisa's Scenario

Kanako's Scenario

Minamitsu's Scenario

Yorigami Sisters' Scenario

Flandre's Scenario

Yuuma's Scenario


Reimu's Ending

Show Ending Summary

At the Sea of Petroleum, Reimu and Yuuma discuss the nature of oil, the former accusing the latter of being responsible for the oil spills plaguing Gensokyo. Yuuma responds that making oil bubble up to the surface doesn't make sense because as far as she's concerned it belongs to her and the Gouyoku Alliance alone. After Yuuma wonders why the oil is reaching the surface in the first place, Reimu is sent back up to the surface by a sudden updraft caused by a combination of the muddy black water and the Geyser Center's hellfire. In the aftermath the oil leakage somewhat decreases, causing Reimu to wonder if it was merely a warning, only for her to be sorely mistaken.

Marisa's Ending

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At the Hakurei Shrine, which remains unaffected by the oil eruptions due to its high position, Marisa and Reimu discuss the nature of the black water. Marisa dismisses the sea of oil as just a natural phenomenon, but in reality it's to hide her embarrassment at the fact that she lost to Yuuma, the beast's laughter in the depths of the earth still haunting her, and was blown to the surface by an updraft. The narration wonders if deep down she was hoping that someone else would solve the problem.

Kanako's Ending

Show Ending Summary

At the Moriya Shrine Kanako and Reimu discuss the latter's encounter with Yuuma, Reimu saying that she's been working to scare her off in order to make the oil erupt less. Afterwards, Kanako and Suwako have a discussion about recent events, with both noting that the taotie's greed with oil reminds them of the Outside World. Suwako also states that the nature of oil being made by burning living things qualifies it as an incredibly cursed substance. Kanako figures that the oil eruptions are the result of the former Hell of Blood Pools being reawakened, but is unsure whether Yuuma was directly responsible for reawakening it, or merely came to take advantage of its reawakening. She decides to create a dark contract with Yuuma to stop the oil eruptions by having her keep the oil from bubbling up to the surface, while any future leakages are incinerated in the reactor's furnace or personally dealt with by Kanako.

Minamitsu's Ending

Show Ending Summary

At the Myouren Temple, Minamitsu and Ichirin discuss the former's encounter with Yuuma, both expressing disgust at how the taotie was just laughing and swimming in a literal blood lake. Byakuren interrupts their conversation to tell both about Yuuma, namely that she's high-ranking in the Animal Realm, pretends to be weaker than she actually is, and that its inhabitants consider her a monster among monsters who no one could challenge in a fight. It's revealed that the oil leaks have currently subsided thanks to a combination of Byakuren's incantation and Yuuma trying to keep the oil for herself, but knowledge of her existence still disturbs the heart of Byakuren and the others. The narration notes that one can't help but wonder if the vindictiveness of the Hell of Blood Pools has run so out of control that oil is still leaking out regardless.

Joon and Shion's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Joon and Shion discuss what they'll do with their oil in the aftermath of their battle with Yuuma, with the two deciding to keep it to themselves for now despite the profits it could garner due to finding its nature as blood to be rather creepy. Yuuma then shows up no worse for wear, claiming to have eaten their desires, and Joon and Shion decide that the taotie is too powerful to defeat and leave emptyhanded. Upon leaving Yuuma's presence, the Yorigami sisters regain their greed and decide to try swindling people out of their money by using the oil they no longer have as collateral. Ultimately, they decide to erase the Hell of Blood Pools and Yuuma from their memories, along with their battle with Flandre beforehand.

Flandre's Endings

Ending A

Show Ending Summary

Within the Former Hell of Blood Pools, Flandre wonders why her attacks have failed to do much damage to Yuuma, only for the latter to reveal the nature of her ability to absorb attacks. Flandre then uses her Scarlet Nihility spell card on Yuuma, seemingly destroying her, but she still hears the taotie's laughter echoing through the Hell of Blood Pools. Yuuma expresses her surprise that Flandre wasn't bluffing about the destructive nature of her abilities, and the oil leaks stop due to Yuuma being unable to monopolize the petroleum anymore, allowing Okina to take control of the operation.

Ending B

Show Ending Summary

Okina arrives at the Hakurei Shrine to tell Reimu that Yuuma and the oil leaks will no longer be a problem thanks to Flandre, and how she manipulated her into doing it by using the fact that no one managed to beat Yuuma to convince her. Yuuma herself states that she was not responsible for the leaks and was solely planning on monopolizing it. Reimu notes that Okina's story is so well-prepared that it's unnatural, and that everything she had been told has been planned from the start, but never figures out that Okina was the true cause of the oil leaks.

Ending C

Show Ending Summary

Yuuma arrives at the Hakurei Shrine to suggest making an alliance between Gensokyo and the Gouyoku Alliance due to being beaten by Flandre, only to be rebuffed by Reimu, who states that no one in Gensokyo wants anything to do with the Animal Realm. As Yuuma wonders where Flandre is exactly, Okina and Flandre talk within the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where the former reveals that the Yuuma Flandre faced and destroyed beneath the earth had absorbed the greed of the Hell of Blood Pools, and the one currently on the surface is a completely different individual who merely absorbs the greed of the surface world, which the vampire doesn't fully understand but decides to just roll with. Flandre also expresses the desire to destroy Yuuma if they ever meet again, which Okina is willing to facilitate. Ultimately, after talks with those in both the surface and Former Hell, Yuuma agrees to co-manage the Hell of Blood Pools with Okina, and learns that oil spills are a serious problem in the surface world.

It is revealed that Okina was the true cause of the oil leaks in Gensokyo, having caused them to attract people to the former Hell of Blood Pools in order to have Gensokyo deal with a common enemy in Yuuma. For those aware of oil's dangers, Okina being in charge is seen as a good thing because her nature as a secret god who makes things hidden keeps the oil safe deep underground, alongside Yuuma's more disturbing elements.

Yuuma's Ending

Show Ending Summary

Within Former Hell's Hot Spring Town, Yuuma and Okina find the Yorigami sisters trying to convince Kogasa to go on one of their tours to the Former Hell of Blood Pools. After apprehending them, the sisters reveal that their tours are an attempt to get back the money they spent while counting on the oil. Yuuma is impressed enough to offer them a place in the Gouyoku Alliance, but Okina warns that working with the Yorigami sisters is a bad idea because everything they do ends in poverty for all involved. Yuuma and Okina ultimately decide to pretend they never saw anything, and rekindle their partnership, having regained trust through the battles they waged through their stomachs and backs. The Former Hell of Blood Pools is once again sealed away, and the narration notes that Reimu will eventually handle the Blood Pool tours.