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Sunny Milk

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ˈsʌni mɪɬk (♫)
Sunny Milk

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Sunny Milk
Sunny Milk in Fairy Wars
Glimmering Sun Light
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Refraction of light


Unknown, immortal


Leader of the Three Fairies of Light


In a tree near the Hakurei Shrine (formerly the Forest of Magic)

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Sunny Milk (サニーミルク Sanī Miruku) is the leader of the Three Fairies of Light composed of her, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire. She is a fairy who currently lives in a tree close to the Hakurei Shrine with her two partners.

General Information

Sunny first appeared in the manga Touhou Sangetsusei's first work Eastern and Little Nature Deity as one of the three main protagonists, and had the same role throughout the sub-series. She later made an appearance in a game as a boss in Fairy Wars.

She often pranks humans; her most common prank is making humans get lost, but she rarely executes them alone, often taking other fairies or her partners along. She also enjoys eavesdropping on others for things that might interest her, like clues for a treasure hunt.


Sunny is described as energetic and very curious. She is also fond of delicious foods and any kind of liquor.

True to her namesake, she is much happier during clear weather whereby the sun is out. She occupies the highest level of house accordingly to receive the morning sunshine.

Sunny often oversleeps late into the morning.


Refracting light
Sunny redirecting light in Strange and Bright Nature Deity.

While she is reported to be considerably weak, her power allows her to change the refraction of light, making her able to hide herself or change how an environment looks. In Strange and Bright Nature Deity, this name was changed to "manipulating sunlight". It is the same as being able to hide herself and make herself invisible. It is a fairy-like ability, mainly used in mischief, but her power gets weaker when the sun is not present, and rain gives away her illusions.

The usage method of this ability has been confirmed to be as followed; by refracting light, she was able to make herself and others unable to be seen, give off light, bend the light of the sun & shine on shadows, and reflect danmaku that was made of light – she wasn't able to bounce back danmaku other than light. In Visionary Fairies in Shrine, while inside her home, she bent light to see how the front door looked like from outside. Also followed in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense; she was able to refract light and change the scenery, make humans lost in the forest, and upon basking in the sun, was especially quick to recover her wounds; this may be due to the power of the sun. She can also accumulate sunlight inside herself, and release it in another moment. The power of the released light can be strong enough to blind people, generate considerable heat, and even start fires.[1]

Character Design


Her full name is Sunny Milk (サニーミルク). Sunny's name is based on the element which she draws power from; the sun.


Sunny Milk's depiction stayed the same in the entirety of her presence in the series bare for minor changes to her clothes. In Eastern and Little Nature Deity, she has short red hair braided at the sides of her head with red ribbons, blue eyes, as well as a pair of wings. She wears a red and white dress with long sleeves and frills, along with a pink ribbon attached at the top of the dress. She also wears red shoes, as well as a maid headband between her braids.

In Strange and Bright Nature Deity, her dress gains additional details; the middle of her sleeves now have red ribbons attached to them, the end of her sleeves now have a red line, and the bottom of her dress now have a white line. Her pink ribbon is changed for a yellow neckerchief and her shoes are now black and white.



Great Fairy Wars
Sunny's sprite in FW

In Strange and Bright Nature Deity, during New Year's eve, Sunny decides that she wants to bond all the fairies together to cause an incident. Sunny decides to crush Cirno's house, along with her partners and leaving a flag showcasing images of their faces to show their superiority. Afterwards, Cirno decides to send them a declaration of war, however, the fairy trio believes that it's from the humans and train for the months to come everyday, believing they would soon fight Reimu Hakurei.

The next spring, they are confronted by Cirno, who was reminded by the fairies flag that they had destroyed her house months prior, resulting in the Fairy War.

Hopeless Masquerade
Sunny in HM

Sunny made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hakurei Shrine, Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum and Youkai Tanuki Forest stage. On each stage, she is seen with Luna Child and Star Sapphire floating and cheering.


Eastern and Little Nature Deity / Strange and Bright Nature Deity / Oriental Sacred Place / Visionary Fairies in Shrine

These graphic novels follow the daily occurrences of Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire.

It is worth mentioning that during Strange and Bright Nature Deity, Sunny moves from her residence in the Forest of Magic to a new home near the Hakurei Shrine.

Forbidden Scrollery

The three fairies of light makes a few appearances in Forbidden Scrollery. Notably in chapter 22 whereby Sunny Milk is pranking Reimu Hakurei by tossing paper with tea (茶) written around the her shrine.

Lotus Eaters

Sunny can be seen playing around the Hakurei Shrine during the events of Lotus Eaters.


Luna Child and Star Sapphire

Sunny lives with Luna Child and Star Sapphire in the same house. They often go out together when playing pranks. She, along with her two partners, met a lot of the residents of Gensokyo in their daily adventures.

Reimu Hakurei

Reimu is often the target of the Three Fairies' pranks. Sunny is usually the instigator of such pranks.

Marisa Kirisame

They are also one of the few customers who actually used the services of Marisa's Kirisame Magic Shop, its owner sometimes help the trio, and the opposite as well, although she is also prone to their pranks.


They are also impressed by Cirno's ability to control ice, asking her to help with some pranks, but soon after ended up in a small war against her. Cirno is also part of their hot summer counter-measure, creating free ice blocks for them.


Clownpiece is their neighboring fairy after moving into the Hakurei Shrine. She goes along with their shenanigans from time to time.

Nitori Kawashiro

During the events of Hopeless Masquerade, Sunny Milk was working with Luna Child and Star Sapphire at Nitori's stall, near the Hakurei Shrine.

Alice Margatroid

Alice is one of the few Youkai the Three Fairies would seek assistance from.





Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
陽光「サンシャインブラスト」 Sunlight "Sunshine Blast" FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
虹光「プリズムフラッシュ」 Rainbow Light "Prism Flash" FW A2-2: E/N/H/L
光精「ダイアモンドリング」 Light Fairy "Diamond Ring" FW A2-2: E/N/H/L
光符「ブルーディフレクション」 Light Sign "Blue Deflection" FW A2-2: E/N/H/L
日符「アグレッシブライト」 Sun Sign "Aggressive Light" FW B-1: E/N/H/L
日符「ダイレクトサンライト」 Sun Sign "Direct Sunlight" FW B-1: E/N/H/L
瞬光「フェイタルフラッシュ」 Flickering Light "Fatal Flash" FW
C1-2: E/N/H/L
光精「クロスディフュージョン」 Light Fairy "Cross Diffusion" FW C1-2: E/N/H/L
光符「イエローディフレクション」 Light Sign "Yellow Deflection" FW C1-2: E/N/H/L
陽光「サンシャインニードル」 Sunlight "Sunshine Needle" FW C2-3: E/N/H/L

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 17
光符「ブライトナイト」 Light Sign "Bright Night" Led by Luna Child FW B1-3: E/N/H/L
月熱「アイスディゾルバー」 Moonfire "Ice Dissolver" Led by Luna Child FW
B1-3: E/N/H/L
C1-3: E/N/H/L
空符「ブレイクキャノピー」 Sky Sign "Break Canopy" Led by Luna Child FW B1-3: E/N/H/L
光符「フルムーンナイト」 Light Sign "Full Moon Night" Led by Luna Child FW C1-3: E/N/H/L
降光「トリプルライト」 Falling Light "Triple Light" Led by Luna Child FW C1-3: E/N/H/L
光符「トリプルメテオ」 Light Sign "Triple Meteor" Led by Star Sapphire FW A2-3: E/N/H/L
星熱「アイスディゾルバー」 Starfire "Ice Dissolver" Led by Star Sapphire FW
A2-3: E/N/H/L
B2-3: E/N/H/L
光星「オリオンベルト」 Bright Star "Orion Belt" Led by Star Sapphire FW
A2-3: E/N/H/L
光符「エクステンシブメテオ」 Light Sign "Extensive Meteor" Led by Star Sapphire FW B2-3: E/N/H/L
光星「グレートトライアングル」 Bright Star "Great Triangle" Led by Star Sapphire FW B2-3: E/N/H/L
光符「ルチルフレクション」 Light Sign "Rutile Flection" Led by Sunny Milk FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
日熱「アイスディゾルバー」 Sunfire "Ice Dissolver" Led by Sunny Milk FW
A1-3: E/N/H/L
C2-3: E/N/H/L
空符「エルフィンキャノピー」 Sky Sign "Elfin Canopy" Led by Sunny Milk FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
光符「ハイパーインクレクション」 Light Sign "Hyper Inflection" Led by Sunny Milk FW C2-3: E/N/H/L
激光「サンバースト」 Violent Light "Sunburst" Led by Sunny Milk FW C2-3: E/N/H/L
協力技「フェアリーオーバードライブ」 Team Tech "Fairy Overdrive" Appears at the end of all routes. It slightly varies depending on who is leading it. FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
A2-3: E/N/H/L
B1-3: E/N/H/L
B2-3: E/N/H/L
C1-3: E/N/H/L
C2-3: E/N/H/L
「スリーフェアリーズ」 "Three Fairies" Appears at the end of all routes. It slightly varies depending on who is leading it. FW A1-3: E/N/H/L
A2-3: E/N/H/L
B1-3: E/N/H/L
B2-3: E/N/H/L
C1-3: E/N/H/L
C2-3: E/N/H/L

Additional Information

  • Sunny and her partners originally lived in a tree house within the Forest of Magic. According to the story, the location of the house was quite close to where Alice Margatroid and Marisa Kirisame live, making them neighbors despite the fact that they are oblivious to Alice's existence in the beginning of the story.
  • ZUN stated that the reason why he chose Sunny, Luna, and Star as main characters is because the three of them have little fighting abilities, yet are much more outgoing than Rinnosuke Morichika, making them ideal characters for introducing various aspects of Gensokyo's daily life that Rinnosuke does not participate in.[Ref. Needed]
  • Sunny, Luna, and Star are the first characters in the series to originally appear in a comic, then later in a game.


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