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Suwako no Danmaku Pyonpyon Daisansaku

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諏訪子の弾幕ぴょんぴょん大散策 (すわこのだんまくぴょんぴょんだいさんさく)
Suwako no Danmaku Pyonpyon Daisansaku
Suwapyon cover.jpg

December 30, 2010 (Comiket 79)


Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player story mode
Two-player Co-Op story mode


Windows XP (SP3 or later)/Vista (SP2 or later)/7 (SP1 or later)


Intel Pentium 4, 1GB hard disk, DirectX9 video card, 1 GB RAM

Suwako no Danmaku Pyonpyon Daisansaku (諏訪子の弾幕ぴょんぴょん大散策) is a Touhou Project fan game made in 2010 by UTG Software. It was followed-up by すわこちゃんcubic in 2012.


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The game is set up in an isometric perspective, where bullets are shot by enemies in a three dimensional space. Suwako Moriya is able to move along the ground in a 2d plane, but also has the ability to jump. The game consists of 7 stages plus an Extra stage. There are also 6 difficulty levels, two of which need to be unlocked by beating the game in the hardest available difficulties.


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