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Sword of Hisou

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Tenshi wielding the Sword of Hisou, from The Grimoire of Marisa.

The Sword of Hisou (緋想の剣 Hisou no Tsurugi, lit. Sword of Scarlet Perceptions) is a celestial tool and one of Tenshi Hinanawi's weapons. It has the ability to identifying one's spirit, no matter the circumstances. When it is wielded in battle in its dormant state, it takes the form of a golden Chinese jian.

General information

The sword cannot be used by anyone other than celestials. It is able to gather and accumulate the surrounding spirit and convert it into energy. Moreover, it is able to cut up this spirit itself. Upon releasing the opponent's spirit and identifying the type of the opponent's spirit, it is also able to control the accumulated spiritual energy and convert it into the spirit of the opponent's weakness, and attack using their weakness.

First, the sword converts the opponent's spiritual nature into scarlet mist, then into a form that can be seen. Once the opponent's nature has been revealed, the sword can change itself to channel the most effective attributes to counter that nature. The spiritual nature evoked by the sword takes the form of weather, which is why it somehow looks flexible. Also, spirits slashed by the sword become scarlet mist. This mist can be used to influence and control the weather. The sword is also durable enough to channel the powerful strength of the celestials, allowing Tenshi to rupture the Earth or even cause earthquakes in the surrounding area. Tenshi can also evoke the gathered scarlet energies of living beings through the sword, creating an immensely destructive beam that inflicts grievous injury upon her opponents.

The spirit spoken of here is the "ki" () that dwells in all living and nonliving things, and just like the weather, there are several types of spirits. The spirits that dwell in living things extend their influence on the personality or nature of the living thing according to the type of spirit, and the spirit that accumulates in the air changes the weather to its type. In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, due to the power of this sword, since the spirits of Reimu Hakurei and the others were made into an uncontrollably leaky condition, limited to the character's surroundings, the weather turned into their corresponding type of spirit. Furthermore, since it is the "ki" itself, for the soul of the "ki", Phantom, if their spirit is entirely absorbed and cut up, then their existence is annihilated.

The fact that Tenshi can draw the weapon from seemingly nowhere, it means that the shape-shifting properties of the sword does not have to be stored anywhere on Tenshi's body at any time without taking up space, suggesting that it is spiritually summoned into battle by its wielder.

Other abilities include:

  • The scarlet energy of the sword can be channeled to provide Tenshi with super-armor for a short amount of time.
  • Tenshi can imprint the seal ("封印" fuuin) of the sword upon an opponent, dealing substantial damage. This seal contains the scarlet energies of the current local weather and will be more or less powerful depending on the type of weather.


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