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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 1

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第百二十六季 神無月の四 Season 126, Kannazuki issue #4 (est. 2011/10/27 ~ 2011/11/25)
妖怪音楽に新しい風 A New Trend in Youkai Music
不良妖精にパンクライブが好調? Punk concerts popular with delinquent fairies?
 人間の里から博麗神社へ向かう道で、定期的にゲリラライブが行われている事が判った。時刻は人間が寝静まった真夜中から始まり、賑やかな演奏は里にも響いてくる。 "Guerilla concerts" held on the road between the Human Village and the Hakurei Shrine have become a regular occurrence. They start in the middle of the night while humans are sound asleep, and their rousing performances can be heard as far as the village.
 ライブを行っているのはミスティア・ローレライさん(夜雀)と幽谷響子さん(山彦)のコンビからなる鳥獣伎楽(ちょうじゅうぎがく)だ。 The ones performing the concerts are Ms. Mystia Lorelei (a night sparrow) and Ms. Kyouko Kasodani (a yamabiko), forming a group called Choujuu Gigaku ("dance of bird and beast")[1].
 騒音としか思えないノイズたっぷりの爆音、メッセージ性の高い歌詞と音程を無視したシャウト系の音楽が夜の幻想郷に鳴り響く。奇抜な服装で髪を振り乱しながら歌うその個性的な音楽のスタイルは、幻想郷には馴染みの薄いパンクロックというものだとか。 With chaotic sounds that can only be described as "noise", they perform off-key music while shouting rebellious lyrics that echo throughout Gensokyo all night long. They call their unique style of singing, accompanied by eccentric clothing and wild hair, "punk".
「パンクってのはね。抑圧された不満を爆発させる物よ。魂の叫びなのよー!」 "What's 'punk'? It's an explosion of oppressed frustration! The roar of the soul!"
 ボーカルの響子さんはそう説明する。抑圧された不満とはいったい何なのだろうか、その辺りを聞いてみた。 This was the explanation provided by Ms. Kyouko. I then asked her what exactly her "oppressed frustration" was.
「うーん、毎日庭掃除したりお経唱えたりするだけだからつまらないしー。あと結跏趺坐は痛いしー。」 "Well, all I ever do is clean and recite sutras all day, you know? Sitting in the lotus position hurts a lot too."
 どうやらお寺の修行が辛いだけの様だ。でもその程度の不満でも歌にすると、若者の支持が得られるというのは間違い無いようである。この取材をした時も、騒ぎたい妖精や不満のある妖怪達で賑わっていた。 It seems that she's just finding the training at the temple difficult, but a song with even that level of dissatisfaction has undeniably proven popular with the youth. At the time of this report, their concerts have already gathered impressive crowds of excited fairies and disaffected youkai.
 しかしこのパンクライブには苦情が寄せられている。その多くが騒音被害だ。真夜中に大きな音で歌っているのだから当然である。その苦情に対し響子さんは However, these punk concerts have met with complaints, too, mostly about noise pollution. It's inevitable, since they're singing in the middle of the night. When asked about the complaints, Ms. Kyouko replied:
「山に登って『ヤッホー!』って叫んでいるのは良くて、私が歌うのが駄目だなんておかしいわ」 "It's kind of strange that it's okay for people to shout "Hello!" as loud as they can at the top of a mountain, but it's not okay for me to sing!"
私が取材した限りでは、ライブとはいえただ爆音の演奏と、それに負けじと大声で愚痴を叫んでいるだけで、お世辞にも〝歌〟とは思えなかった。彼女らの不満の叫びが静かにしたい人間や妖怪の不満を生み、新たな火種にならない事を望む。 From my investigation, what they call a "concert" is just a performance of explosive sounds and screaming about whatever annoys them. I'm not sure if it can be called a "song" by any definition of the word. It's been causing discomfort among youkai and humans that want them to keep their problems to themselves, and I hope the issue doesn't get too heated.
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)
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  1. A parody of Choujuu Giga and gigaku. Mystia is the bird and Kyouko is the beast.