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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 10

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文々。新聞 Bunbunmaru Newspaper
第百二十四季 葉月の一 Season 124, Hazuki issue #1 (est. 2009/09/19 ~ 2009/10/18)
必ず当る超局所的天気予報! A Super-Accurate Local Weather Forecast!
何故か苦情も…… With complaints for some reason...
 人間の里で天気予報の押し売りの噂が広まっている。聞いてもいないのに今日の天気を教えて回る怪人が居るという内容だ。噂では、その怪人に今日の天気を言われると、間違い無くその天気になるという。不思議な事に、本人がその場所に留まらず、別の場所に行ってもその天気になってしまうらしい。 A rumor of weather forecasts being forced upon people is spreading at the human village. It seems there's a suspicious woman walking around telling people what the weather will be like that day, completely unsolicited but never failing to be accurate. Strangely, it is said that the weather will change even if the person goes somewhere else, as if following them.
 実は記者である私は、その噂に出てくる怪人に心当たりがあったので当人に確認を取ったところ、あっさりと自分の仕業である事と認めた。 As a matter of fact, I had a clue as to the identity of the woman in the rumor. When I went to her to confirm it, she immediately admitted it was her doing.
「天界は退屈なのよねぇ。性格診断でもしていれば少しでも役に立てられるかと思って」 "Heaven is just so dull, you know. I thought that if I tried doing some personality assessment, I could be a bit useful to others."
 そう言ったのは件の怪人、比那名居天子さん(天人)だ。彼女曰く、〟天気予報〟では無く〟性格診断〟だという。 These were the words of the suspicious woman in question, Tenshi Hinanawi (Celestial). According to her, it was not a weather forecast but a personality assessment.
「昔から、雨男、晴れ女なんて言うでしょ? その人間が居ると雨になりやすいとか晴れやすいとか……。人間が天気を操る事もあるのよ。私にはそれが見えるの。だから性格診断イコール天気予報になってしまうのよ」 "Haven't you ever heard of someone having a sunny or cloudy disposition?[1] It happens to rain or clear up when they're there, sort of... Humans can manipulate the weather like that and I can see the effects. So my personality assessment is equivalent to a weather forecast."
 しかし、何故か苦情も多い。自分の周りだけ豪雨になっていたり、夏なのに雪が降ったり普通では考えられない天気になる事も有り、噂では〝天気予報〝ではなく〝天気操作〝による嫌がらせでは無いかとの疑念を抱いている者もいる。 But for some reason, she receives a number of complaints. Someone had a heavy rainstorm only happening in their vicinity, and others had extraordinary weather like snow in the middle of summer. The rumor even tells us that a number of people had started to suspect that this person was playing with them by performing weather manipulation rather than forecasting.
「操作なんかしてないわよ。その人の気質が天気になっている事は間違い無いんだしー。でも、人の能力を疑ったりする人間がいるとつい意地になっちゃうのよねぇ。その時は強制的に天気を発現させてやるわ」 "I'm not doing any manipulation; it's only their temperament that decides the weather... It's just when a human doubts my ability, I get a little nasty, you know? That's when I'll make their weather materialize by force."
 雨男や晴れ女など、迷信だと思っている人間も多い。しかし、いつも肝心な時に雨になりやすい、この人を呼べば晴れる、等といった経験は誰しもあるだろう。それは人間の気質(本質的な意味での性格、生まれ持った物)から発現する事もあり、決して偶然では無いのだという。 Many humans believe that things like truly sunny or cloudy personalities were just superstition. However, everyone must have experienced a time when they wished they could call on a person like that to stop the rain and bring back the sun at important times. This is caused by emanations of the human spirit (Essentially, the personality which you're born with), so it definitely can't be a coincidence.
 私は、雨男と晴れ女のカップルを見つけたら彼女に性格診断して頂きたいと思っている。(射命丸 文) If I happen across a couple where the man has a sunny disposition and the woman has a cloudy disposition, I'd like to ask her to assess them. (Aya Shameimaru)

紙面から Also on the page
25 博麗神社、意外


25: The Hakurei shrine was rebuilt with incredible speed.

Was it by some unknown new technology?

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  1. 「晴れ男」 (Lit. Sun man) ,「晴れ女」 (Lit. Sun woman) 「雨男」 (Lit. Rain man) and 「雨女」 (Lit. Rain woman) are all common phrases in Japanese.