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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 12

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文々。新聞 Bunbunmaru Newspaper
第百二十三季 文月の二 Season 123, Fumizuki issue #2 (est. 2008/08/01 ~ 2008/08/31)
博麗神社倒壊する The Hakurei Shrine Collapse
再建を引き受けた謎の天人とは The strange celestial who has accepted the task of rebuilding...
 ○月○日未明、局地的に起きた地震により博麗神社が倒壊した。 On the Xth day of the Xth month before daylight, the Hakurei Shrine collapsed due to a localized earthquake.
 しかし、不思議な事に神社が倒壊するような地震は観測されていない。あくまでも地震があったというのは、巫女の博麗霊夢さんの証言による物である。 But there were oddly no other indicators of the earthquake which caused the shrine's collapse. We only know that the quake occurred from the testimony of the shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei.
「突き上げるような強い揺れを感じたわ。その直後屋根が落ちるように神社が潰れたのよ!」 "The rumbling was so strong, I almost felt like I was being tossed around. Then, in an instant, the roof caved in on the shrine and wrecked it!"
 倒壊した神社には外から強い力を与えられた様子も無く、地震以外の力で破壊されたようには見えなかった。近くで大規模な地割れ、断層などは見当たらなかった。恐らく、比較的小さな大ナマズの仕業であると思われる。 The shrine did not seem to have been struck by a strong force from the outside, nor did it not look like it was destroyed by a power other than an earthquake. There were no obvious cracks or faults visible nearby, so perhaps it was the doing of a relatively small giant catfish.
 神社は比較的古い建造物だった事が幸いし、屋根がそのまま落ちただけで再建は容易いと思われる。しかし、倒壊した原因が不明なまま復興したところで、また同じ事になるかも知れない。というのも、この地震騒ぎは何らかの人為的要因によって[1]引き起こされたきらいがあるからだ。 The shrine was a fairly old building, so it was fortunate that the shrine's roof simply fell upon it. That makes it much simpler to rebuild. However, even if the shrine is repaired, if the reason for the collapse remains unknown then the same thing might happen again. Basically, that earthquake seemed suspicious, as if it were caused on purpose.
 実は、この記事を書いている間に動きがあった。神社の立て直しを引き受けた者が現れた。それも天界の誰かだという話だが……。 In fact, there were new developments taking place while I was writing this article. Someone has appeared to take on the task of rebuilding of the shrine, and it's said that person is from heaven...
 何でも疑う訳では無いが、神社だけが壊れるような地震が起き、直後再建してくれる天人が現れるなんて、少し虫のいい話のような気がする。神社に何かあっては幻想郷としては大打撃である。 It's not that I want to be suspicious of all this, but a celestial prepared to rebuild the shrine popping up right after a quake destroyed only the shrine? I must say this seems like too much of a coincidence. It would do serious damage to Gensokyo if something were to happen to the shrine.
 私は倒壊した神社の写真を撮れるだけ撮った。我々の仲間には建築が得意な仲間も居る。これらが役に立つような事態にならないと良いのだが……。 I've taken as many pictures as I can of the destroyed shrine. We have skilled builders among our colleagues, but I can only hope that their services won't be needed.
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)


Frequent changes in the weather are happening all around Gensokyo.


Beware when you are going out or hanging laundry.


  1. Original sentence has a misprinting "人為的要因によってに引き起こされた".
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