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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 2

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第百二十四季 葉月の三 Season 124, Hazuki issue #3 (est. 2009/09/19 ~ 2009/10/18)
不可解な番人に旧地獄からの使者 A messenger from Former Hell and an inexplicable guardian
謎のゾンビとの通訳に一役 Speaking for the Mysterious Zombie
 幻想郷での埋葬は里の外に作られた共同墓地が一般的であった。そこでは妖怪には荒らされる事も多かった。しかし新しく出来た命蓮寺の墓地は、比較的ちゃんと埋葬して管理してくれると評判である。比較的裕福な人間は好んで命蓮寺に埋葬しているようである。 Burials in Gensokyo are generally held in the public cemetery created outside the village, but many youkai have also been running amok there. However, the newly-made Myouren Temple's graveyard has a reputation for being properly managed. Relatively well-off humans seem to prefer it for their final resting place.
 しかし、その命蓮寺で数日前から妙な出来事が起き、先述の裕福な人間を悩ませているようである。突如として墓地の奥に番人が現れたのだ。その番人は近づく者を追い払っているのだという。 However, there have been some strange occurrences at the Myouren Temple over the past few days, and the aforementioned well-off humans seem to be growing worried. A guardian has suddenly appeared in the center of the graveyard, and there are reports of that guardian driving away anyone that gets close.
 番人は人間の死体で、脳が腐っているのか全く話が通じず、目的も皆目見当が付かない。そこで命蓮寺にいる妖怪は一計を案じ、死体と話が出来る妖怪を地底から呼び寄せたのである。 The guardian is the corpse of a human, but as if her brain has rotted, there is no way to communicate with her at all, so there are no clues whatsoever as to what her motives are. The youkai at the Myouren Temple have worked out a plan, and have brought in a youkai from underground in order to talk to the corpse.
「この死体はねー。別に危害を与えるつもりはないってさ」 "This corpse says she's not really planning on harming anyone, you see."
 と言うのは、通訳の火焔猫燐さん(火車)。彼女は死体のエキスパートだ。人間の死体の扱いに関して右に出る者はいない。 The interpreter is Rin Kaenbyou (Kasha), an expert on the dead. There is no one that can handle the treatment of human corpses better than her.
「名前は宮古芳香。それ以外はよく覚えていないってさ。急にここを守らなければいけない気になったんだってー。恐らく、生前の強迫観念が不意に呼び覚まされ、死体を呼び起こしているんだと思う。一応、守る範囲を狭めさせたんで、迷惑じゃ無ければ腐るまで放って置いても大丈夫だと思うよー」 "Her name is Yoshika Miyako. She says she doesn't remember much more than that, and that she suddenly got the feeling that she really needed to defend this place no matter what. I think that her obsessions from her past life made her uneasy, and caused her corpse to be reanimated. I've narrowed down her territory a bit, so if it's not a problem you can probably just leave her here to rot!"
 そう言って、彼女は報酬に死体を何体か手に持ち、地底へ帰っていった。彼女の話では死体が独りでに動き出したもので、その行動には意味が無いのだという。死体にも人権を、という考えの元、命蓮寺では静観する事にしたそうである。 Having said that, she took a few corpses from the graveyard as a recompense and returned to the underground. From what she said, the corpse started moving on her own, but there isn't really a meaning to her actions. It seems that the Myouren Temple has begun to keep an eye on her under the premise that even corpses have rights.
 しかし、不可解な事実がある。まず、命蓮寺に埋葬した中に宮古芳香という名の人間はいなかったそうだ。その事は当然、命蓮寺の住職も気が付いているだろう点から考えるに、何か裏がありそうである。宮古芳香が守る物、それが一体何なのか、まだまだ何か起こりそうな予感がする。 However, the fact remains that this is a rather baffling situation. First of all, it appears that there was no one named Yoshika Miyako buried in the Myouren Temple graveyard to start with. Considering that the people working at the Myouren Temple should have easily realized this, there must be another side to this story. What exactly it is that Yoshika Miyako is guarding? I have a feeling that something related to her presence may happen soon.[1]
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)


  1. According to the date of this article, Yoshika had been guarding the graveyard from about two years before the events of Ten Desires.
  • According to the date, this article appears at the same issue as that of Byakuren's Buddhist service. These two pieces of information are concerned with Myouren Temple.
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