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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 3

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第九十八季 弥生の二 Season 98, Yayoi issue #2 (est. 1983/04/13 ~ 1983/05/13)
涸れ井戸から白骨死体が見つかる Skeletal Remains Found from the Dry Well
しかし、その正体は!? But who was it!?
 雪解けも始まったがまだ寒さも厳しい幻想郷、人間の里に悲鳴が響き渡る。いつもの平和な幻想郷模様だったが、その日は少し様子が違った。 As the bitter cold of Gensokyo's winter was only beginning to give way to thawing, a scream echoed through the Human Village. Although peace had persisted for some time, it seemed as if that day would turn out to be slightly different.
 子供達が使っていない涸れ井戸の周りで遊んでいたところ、白骨化した遺体が見つかったのだという。当時、涸れ井戸は入れない様になっていた。 There were reports of children finding the skeletal remains of a human while playing around a dried-up well. The well was then declared to be off-limits.
 何故見つかったのかというと、中から妖怪釣瓶落としが出てきて「お前の落とした死体はこれかい?」と言って、ケタケタ不気味に笑いながら白骨死体を放り投げたのだという。幻想郷の人間は全て管理されており、今のところ行方不明者は居ない。その為、誰の骨なのか全く判らなかった。 Apparently, a Tsurube-otoshi youkai came out of the well saying "So is THIS the body you dropped down here?", cackling as she threw the bones at them. As all of the humans in Gensokyo were accounted for with no one who had gone missing, no one had any no clue as to whom the skeleton belonged.
 さらに問題な事に、骨を無縁塚に埋葬するまでの間放置したままにしていたら、忽然と消えてしまったのである。これでは誰の骨かどころか、事件があったのかどうかすら判らなくなってしまった。 To make matters worse, the remains disappeared while no one was looking during preparations to bury it in Muenzuka. At the present state, it's hard to tell if there was any sort of incident or not, let alone the identity of the previous owner of the bones.
 妖怪の専門家、八雲紫氏はこう語る。 The youkai expert, Ms. Yukari Yakumo said:
「うーん、恐らくそれは地底の妖怪の仕業ね。あいつ等のパワーは人間の負のエネルギーだから、平和ボケした人間達を威かしたかったのかも知れないねぇ」 "Well, I suppose it was an act by the youkai of the underground. Since their powers come from the negative energy of humans, maybe she wanted to scare humans who had become too peace-addled."
 地底の妖怪と地上は不干渉の約束を交わしている。その為、これが地底の妖怪の仕業だというのならば、事態はややこしくなるだろう。我々天狗としても地底とのいざこざは避けたいと思っている。 There is a nonintervention pact made between the youkai of the underground and the surface, so if this was the work of the youkai underground, the situation could become complicated. Even we tengu hope to avoid trouble with the underground.
「でもね、肝心な骨が残っていないんじゃあ、ただの見間違いだったかも知れないわね。いや、見間違いだったのよ、間違い無く」 "However, since we don't have the all-important skeleton, it could have been a simple misunderstanding. No, it was a misunderstanding, definitely."
 白骨死体は白樺の見間違いという事で落ち着いた。人間の里には何の事件も起きていなかったのである。 The incident was settled as silver birch branches being mistaken for bones.[1] No ominous occurrences had happened in the Human Village.
 後日、涸れ井戸は埋められていたのを確認した。それも誰の手によってなのか判らないが、何の事件も起きていなかったので問題ない。 At a later date, we confirmed that the dried-up well was filled in with dirt. The person that did this is unknown, but since there was no incident in the first place, it's not a problem.
(射命丸文) (Aya Shameimaru)
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  1. The color of this tree is similar to a skeleton, in some sense, but "skeleton" or "white bone" ( hakkotsu) also shares the white ( shiro/haku) character with "silver birch" ( shirakaba). Perhaps Yukari was just making a bad joke.