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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 4

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第百二十六季 師走の四 Season 126, Shiwasu issue #4 (est. 2011/12/25 ~ 2012/01/23)
年末の繁忙期に新しい商売 A New Business in the End-of-Year Rush
クリスマス戦争勃発か? Is this the outbreak of a Christmas business war?
 年末というと誰しも何かと忙しい時期であるが、だからこそ様々な商売が繁盛する物である。そのサービス合戦に新たな風が吹こうとしている。 Things are always busy around the end of the year, but that's what makes it such a profitable time for businesses. And it seems that a new competitor has arrived.
 クリスマスという言葉を聞いた事があるだろうか。年末に異国の聖者、聖ニコラウスが動物に鞭を打ちながら空を飛び、家主が寝ている間に合法的に忍び込むという行事である。外の世界ではこの開放的な行事がブームであり、すでに幻想郷でもブームの兆候が現れている。 Many are well aware of "Christmas" by now. It's an event where a foreign saint called Nicholas comes, flying in the air as he whips his animals, sneaking into houses legally while the owner is asleep. This open-minded event has already become a fad in the outside world, and it looks like there are already signs of it appearing in Gensokyo as well.
 このブームに乗って商売をしようとしているのが霍青娥さん(仙人)だ。彼女は自由に壁抜けをすることが出来る能力を使って、人間の家に忍び込むのだという。 Ms. Seiga Kaku (hermit) seeks to make a business out of this fad. She says that with her ability to go through walls at will, she is planning to sneak into human houses.
「外の世界ではね、忍び込んでオモチャを配るのよ。そうやって子供達の信仰を集める行事みたいなの。その為のオモチャをサンタクロース(聖ニコラウス)に買わせて商売するのが、クリスマスって訳」 "During Christmas, everyone buys toys from Santa Claus (St. Nicholas), and he sneaks in to deliver them. That's how it works in the outside world. I guess it's an event that gathers faith from children."
 でも、それだけでは飽き足らないと言う青娥さんはこう言った。 But Seiga claims that it isn't enough:
「白髭のお爺さんの信仰なんて要らないし、そもそも幻想郷には(サンタクロースが)居るかどうか判らないでしょ? だったらオモチャを売りつけるのも難しいじゃない。だから、私は家主に直接オモチャを売りつけるか、寝てたら何か金目の物を持っていくことにしたわ」 "Why should we believe in some white-beard old man, especially when we don't even know if he's in Gensokyo in the first place? That's why everyone has such a hard time selling toys. So, I decided that I'm going to sell the toys directly to the owner, or, if they're asleep, I'll just take something that looks valuable."
 と言って、手持ちの袋の中いっぱいの財宝を見せてくれた。なる程、確かに儲かりそうな商売である。きっと来年辺りには、クリスマスの時期になると人間と仙人の熱い攻防戦が始まる事だろう。 With that, she showed me a bag stuffed full with her treasure. Her service seemed rather prosperous indeed. Humans and hermits should be expecting a heated battle around Christmastime.
 余談だが、聖ニコラウスは白髭のイメージで語られる事が多いが、幻想郷で白髭と言えば、猿田彦のイメージが強い。猿田彦は我々天狗の神様でもあるので、白髭に悪いイメージが付く事は余り望ましくない。青娥さんには白髭の姿でクリスマスを行う事を避けて頂きたいものである。 Incidentally, St. Nicholas is known for his white beard, but when it comes to white beard in Gensokyo, we tend to picture Sarutahiko. Since he is also the god of us tengu, it wouldn't be good for him to develop a negative image. We just hope she will not conduct her Christmas business while wearing a white beard.
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)
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  1. The present left behind by Seiga is the Four Monkeys statue from Miko's article. The Three Monkeys are a symbol of the Koushin faith, which can be related to Sarutahiko in some Shinto sects.