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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 6

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文々。新聞 Bunbunmaru Newspaper
第百二十四季 霜月の三 Season 124, Shimotsuki issue #3 (est. 2009/12/16 ~ 2010/01/15)
山の方向性で意見二分 Opinions Divided On Mountain's Future Direction
大蛇と白狼天狗の確執 The Great Serpent and the white wolf tengu at odds
 この度、年末年始に向けて守矢神社が参道を作るという話が持ち上がり、一部の天狗と揉めている。 Some of the tengu seem to have an issue with the talks occurring regarding the construction of a path to the Moriya Shrine that would allow visitors to attend the upcoming New Year's Visit.
 守矢神社は一番の稼ぎ時である年始迄に、誰でも通れる様な道を作りたいのだという。しかし、天狗や山に住む妖怪達の中には、何人たりとも通さない、と頑なに否定している者も居る。 The Moriya Shrine wants to construct a road that anyone can use before the end of the year, which is the most profitable time of year for them. However, among the tengu and other mountain-dwelling youkai, there are a few tenaciously claiming, "We are not letting anybody in."
 守矢神社の神様、八坂神奈子さん(山の神)は、閉鎖的な山の妖怪に対してこう語る。 The goddess of the Moriya Shrine, Kanako Yasaka (Goddess of the Mountain), spoke of these close-minded mountain youkai.
「白狼天狗のへりくつにはうんざり。何も山を荒らす為に道を作るわけじゃないし、むしろ山の信仰が増えて自分達も力を増すっていうのに……。自分が外に出たくない事を正当化する事しか脳にないんだわ。これだから引き籠もりは嫌なのよね」 "I'm sick of these pointless objections from the white wolf tengu. It's not like we're going to wreak havoc on the mountain. In fact, it will help provide more faith to the mountain, which will then also increase their own power. I can't help but think that they are just trying to justify not going outside more than the absolute minimum required. This is why I hate those hikikomori."
 それに対し、白狼天狗は「我々は侵入者を監視するのが仕事だ」と、つっけんどん。 In response to this, the white wolf tengu replied curtly, "It is our duty to remain alert for intruders."
現状、守矢神社への参拝は殆ど行われていない。それは白狼天狗が監視している所為でもある。仕方が無く、守矢神社は麓に分社を置いてそちらに参拝してもらったり、自らが営業に行ったりして人間の信仰を稼いでいる。 As it is right now, worshipers praying at the Moriya Shrine is a rare occurrence. One of the reasons for this are the patrolling white wolf tengu. Seeing no way around them, Moriya established a branch shrine in the foothills to allow people to come and pray, as well as to be able to conduct business themselves and gather faith from humans.
 しかし、神社側にも新しい策があるようだ。それが人里から神社にかけての「架空索道」の設置だ。 However, the shrine has devised a new plan: the establishment of an "aerial tramway" from the Human Village to the shrine.
架空索道とは、ロープに吊した籠に人間や荷物を載せて運ぶ物である。これならば、神社以外の場所には一切立ち寄らなくて参拝できる。何処にも寄らないなら、追い返される理由は無い、という訳だ。 An aerial tramway is a cage held up by a rope which allows for the transportation of humans and objects. Using this, visitors would be able to visit the shrine without setting foot in any other location. As long as they don't trespass, there should be no reason to turn them away.
 この案に対し天狗のリーダーである大天狗様の意見は In response to this plan, the tengu leader Dai Tengu gave the following firm opinion:
「神社が我々に籠に載っている何かを奉納するのであれば考えなくもないぞ」 "If the shrine were to dedicate something in the cage to us, this would not be out of the question."
 と強気だ。恐らく巻き上げるだけ巻き上げて何もしないつもりだろう。 It appears that they are willing to get whatever they can out of it without exerting any effort in the least.
 妖怪が見守る中の架空索道、ただの標的になる気もするが……神社側の山の開放派、天狗側の山の閉鎖派で意見が割れた妖怪の山。話は簡単には纏まりそうにない。 A cage under the constant gaze of youkai, as if it were a target... With the shrine looking to open up the mountain to visitors and the tengu trying to keep it closed off, this whole matter doesn't seem like it will be easily resolved.
(射命丸文) (Aya Shameimaru)


  • According to the date of the article (2009 winter), this happened before Wild and Horned Hermit chapter 2 (2010 summer); the members of Moriya Shrine had started innovation and had trouble with tengu of Youkai Mountain, before they provided propaganda of their technological advantage.
  • Kanako has received permission for this project as of Wild and Horned Hermit chapter 19 (2013 autumn), though construction is not likely to begin for 10 to 100 years.
  • In Wild and Horned Hermit chapter 37 (2016 winter), Sanae claims that the ropeway will be completed by the end of winter. This takes place over the course of the next two chapters (2016 winter - 2017 spring), and it is finally opened to the public.
  • In unpublished Bunbunharu Weekly vol.1, it reported that finishing to construct the aerial tramway began countdown. The book was released the end of March 2017 in Japan of the real world, then the first plan about the date of Aya publishing the magazine was before the opening of the tramway, as mentioned above.
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