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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Bunbunmaru Newspaper 9

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文々。新聞 Bunbunmaru Newspaper
第百二十三季 葉月の一 Season 123, Hazuki issue #1 (est. 2008/08/31 ~ 2008/09/29)
妖怪の山に異変? Incident on Youkai Mountain?
噴火の兆候か Was it an omen of eruption?
 霧深い夏の日である。山に不気味な光で照らされた赤い霧が現れ、一部で騒然となった。 It was a foggy summer day. A red mist shining with an ominous light appeared on the mountain, causing a stir amongst some.
 幻想郷では何故か赤い霧が出る事が多い気がするが、今回の霧は少し様子が異なる。どうやら間欠泉の奥底から大量の水蒸気と赤い光が漏れているようだ。 Red mist seems to be a common component of incidents in Gensokyo, but this mist is a bit different. It appears as though a great amount of steam and red light are leaking from the depths of the geyser.
 妖怪の山は、千年ほど昔に大噴火したのを最後に最近は大人しいが、れっきとした荒ぶる火山である。間欠泉は妖怪の山の噴火口では無いが、赤い光の柱は噴火を彷彿させて不気味だ。 Youkai Mountain last erupted over a thousand years ago, and while it has been behaving recently, it has historically been an active volcano. Although the geyser is not a vent of the mountain, the pillars of red light ominously resemble an eruption.
 もちろん、噴火したとて我々に大きな影響は無い。千年前の噴火の時は、盛大な火祭りとして盛り上がったものだ。強いて言えば人間は全て逃げ出し、火に関係する妖怪が少し強くなる程度である。 Of course, there shouldn't be any major impact to us if it happened to erupt. When it erupted a thousand years ago, the event was turned into an exciting fire festival. It was powerful enough to cause all of the humans to flee, and strengthen the fire-related youkai slightly.
 果たして、突如として現れた赤い光の柱は噴火と関係があるのだろうか。 So can it be that these red pillars of light have something to do with an eruption?
「噴火じゃ無いよ。あの赤い光はマグマじゃなくて核融合炉の光だもん。太陽と同じ光だよ」 "It's not an eruption. That red light is not magma but the light of a nuclear fusion reactor. It's the same light as the sun."
 間欠泉センター関係者の洩矢諏訪子さん(神様)はそう語る。マグマは、鬼が入る位熱いと言われるいわゆる『鬼神泉』の事である。地獄には沢山あるが、地上には滅多に無い。 Says Ms. Suwako Moriya (goddess), who is connected to the Geyser Center. Magma is another word for "Divine Oni Spring", said to be so hot that the oni bathe in it. Though plentiful in Hell, magma is seldom found on the surface.
「噴火は関係無いよ。もし噴火に関わる何かが起こったとしても、私が日付を調整するから……」 "It has nothing to do with an eruption. Even if something like that happens, I'll adjust the date, so...."
 彼女は大地の神でもあるらしい。つまり噴火を調整するだけの力が有るのだろう。自信満々にそう語った。 It seems she is also a goddess of the earth, so she would have the power to adjust the timing of the eruption. At least, she seemed confident about it.
 しかし、幻想郷が閉ざされてからの噴火はまだ無い。当然、我々天狗や河童も避難しなければならないだろう。中でも人間は完全に逃げ場を失う事になる。噴火に対する準備さえしてあれば、一時的に逃す事も容易いだろうが……。 However, since Gensokyo was sealed there hasn't been an eruption yet. Undoubtedly, even we tengu and the kappa will probably have to evacuate. Of particular importance is that the humans will have no escape. If preparations are made for an eruption, then it would probably make it easier to escape it, if only for a little while....
(射命丸 文) (Aya Shameimaru)
紙面から From page
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Its difference with the Scarlet Mist incident

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