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妖怪寺の魔住職 Demonic Chief Priest of the Youkai Temple
聖 白蓮 Hijiri Byakuren Byakuren Hijiri
能力        魔法を使う程度の能力(身体能力を上げる魔法を得意とする) Ability: The ability to use magic (specializing in magic that increases her physical abilities)
危険度      不明 Threat level: Unknown
人間友好度   中 Human friendship level: Medium
主な活動場所  命蓮寺など Main place of activity: Myouren Temple, etc.
 命蓮寺の住職。元は人間であったが、長年の修行により既に人間を超えている。いわゆる魔法使いの部類に入る。 The chief priest of the Myouren Temple. Although she was originally a human, she has already surpassed humanity due to many years of training. Therefore, she is categorized as a magician.
 仏門に入っているが、何故か妖怪から慕われる。おとぎ話のように呪文を唱えて魔を退けたりはしない。聖人づらしているが使う力は邪悪なものであり、人間と敵対する姿は見かけないがあくまでも妖怪の味方である。 Although she has entered the priesthood, for some reason she is beloved by youkai. She does not banish demons with holy incantations like in fairy tales. Although she acts like a saint, the powers she wields are evil. Though never seen as hostile towards humans, ultimately, she's an ally of the youkai.
 幻想郷に来るまでは人間の手によって魔界に封印されていた。理由は自分達と異なる能力を持っている人間を怖れた、という事であろう。封印を解いたのも彼女を慕う妖怪である。その様な経歴の持ち主故、人間を憎んでいると考える方が自然だ。 Before she came to Gensokyo, she was sealed in Makai by the hand of humans. The reason may have been related to mankind's fear of other humans with different powers. The seal was also undone by youkai who dearly missed her. With an experience like hers, it's natural to think that she has a hatred for humans.
 日常は至極真っ当だが、お酒を呑まない、殺生を好まない(肉を食べない)等の戒律により、他の人間と打ち解けにくい(*1)。 Her daily life seems quite forthright, but because she won't drink alcohol, dislikes killing (she doesn't eat meat) and her other religious precepts, it's difficult for her to befriend humans (*1).
 彼女の仕事は、葬式やお墓の管理をしたり、弟子に限らず仏法を説いたり、早寝早起きをする事である。中でも月一で行われる、木魚をリズムに抑揚の無い歌を乗せた「夜通し読経ライブ」は、人間、妖怪関わらず注目を浴びている(*2)。 As for her work, she manages funerals and the graveyard, teaches the dharma not only to her disciples but anyone willing to listen, and leads an early-to-bed, early-to-rise lifestyle. Part of this lifestyle also includes the "Overnight sutra-chanting live concert", where she sings a monotone song while keeping the rhythm with a wooden fish. She holds it once a month, and it attracts attention from both humans and youkai(*2) alike.
 性格はおっとりとしていて何か頼りなく見える反面、争いを望まない妖怪に慕われている。怒っている姿を見せる事は無く、差詰め好々爺と行った[1]印象を受ける。妖怪は攻撃的な者が多いので、逆に気持ち悪い。 Her personality seems mild-mannered and somehow unreliable, yet she is adored by youkai that don't desire conflict. She has never been seen enraged and gives the impression of a good-natured old grandmother. But since many youkai tend to be aggressive, this attitude makes her repulsive instead.
能力 Ability
 修行の結果、身に付けた能力である。人間が身に付けた特殊な能力は、総称して「魔法」と呼ぶ事が多いが、その実体は多様である。 She has acquired abilities as a result of her training. Special abilities obtained by humans are referred to generally as "magic", but in reality there are many varieties.
 彼女の魔法は、仏法を極めた事で身に付けた物である。しかし、大乗仏教(*3)の道からは外れ、魔に魅入られた力を持っている。恐らく成仏する事は出来ないだろう。 Her magic is derived from her mastery of Buddhism. However, she's strayed from the path of Mahayana Buddhism (*3) and possesses demonic power. Most likely she won't be able to enter Nirvana.
 彼女の魔法は肉体強化系で、呪文を唱えれば拳は鋼鉄よりも硬くなり、五感が研ぎ澄まされ、八卦炉の中でも平気な肉体を持つ事が出来るが、通常は非力な人間と同じである。長い寿命も、年を負わない肉体も、全て魔法による物だそうだ。敵対するのなら無防備な時を狙うと良いだろう。 Her magic is a kind that enhances the physical might of the body. By chanting a spell, fists will become harder than steel, senses will be sharpened, or the body will be able to withstand a blazing furnace without so much as a singed hair[2], but normally she's only as strong as a powerless human. Her long life span and ageless body are also entirely the results of her magic. If you wish to confront her, you should probably aim for when she's defenseless.
魔人経巻 Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll
 彼女の持つ巻物(魔人経巻 (まじんきょうかん) と呼ばれている)には、能力を使う為のお経が書かれている。書かれていると言っても、巻物は紙で出来ている訳では無く、純粋に呪文だけが巻物になっているのだ(*4)。 The scroll she carries (called the Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll) contains the sutras she needs to use her abilities. By saying "contains", it does not mean the sutras are written on paper, but the scroll itself is made purely of these incantations(*4).
 その為、紙の巻物に比べ軽く、内容量もほぼ無限。その上、時間によって劣化しないと評判である。振りかざしただけで唱えた事になるオート読経モードも搭載されている、らしい。 Because of that, it is lighter than a paper scroll and the amount of content it can contain is almost infinite. Moreover, it is reputed that it does not deteriorate with time. It even comes equipped with an auto-chanting mode; simply wave it over your head and it will recite spells on its own, apparently.
 魔界に封印されていた間、暇だから作った物だそうだ。魔界に存在する物質の多くは、それ自体が意思を持つ物である。魔人経巻も自らの意思を持ち、他人が扱うことは出来ない。幻想郷ではその様なアイテムを、「呪われている」と呼ぶ。つまり、魔人経巻は呪われている(*5)。 It is said that she made it to while away the free time she had while sealed in Makai. Many of the materials found in Makai contain their own will. Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll also has its own will, meaning other people are unable to handle it. In Gensokyo, such items are called "cursed". Therefore, the Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll is cursed(*5).
対策 Countermeasures
 人間に対して敵意を持っているのかどうか、ハッキリとした事は判らない。しかし、本人は戒律により殺生を行わないと宣言しているので、いきなり襲われる様な事態にはならないだろう。 It's hard to definitively say whether or not she has any hostility towards humans. However, because she has declared that she follows the religious precept of not killing, it's unlikely that she'll suddenly attack you.
 それよりは部下の妖怪達に気を付けた方が良い。お寺に通う妖怪達の中には、明らかに戒律を守っていない奴も居る。聖の力が目当ての妖怪も居るし、お墓参りの人間目当ての妖怪も居るようだ。 Rather than that, you should be worried about her youkai followers. Of the youkai that visit the temple, there are a number that clearly violate the teachings. Apparently, there are youkai that are aiming to obtain power like hers, as well as those that target the humans visiting the graveyard.
*1 幻想郷の交流は言うまでもなく酒盛りで行われる。 1: It needn't be said that social mingling in Gensokyo is done via drinking parties.
*2 人気があるという訳では無い。人間には睡眠導入、妖怪には覚醒作用と正反対の効果が認められている。 2: Yet that doesn't mean it is popular. It is noted to have the exact opposite effects of being sleep-inducing to humans, and overstimulating to youkai.
*3 みんなを救う事で、苦しみから逃れるという怪しい考え。 3: A dubious idea of escaping from the suffering by saving everyone. [3]
*4 紙媒体の巻物はもはや時代遅れらしい。 4: Apparently, paper scrolls are too old-fashioned.
*5 外の世界では、ウィルスに冒されている、とも呼ばれているらしい。 5: In the outside world, it is said that they call it "infected by a virus".


  1. A typo. Should be "言った" or "いった".
  2. A parody of Journey to the West, where Sun Wukong becomes locked into the Hakkero, or blazing furnace.
  3. The Japanese name for Mahayana Buddhism is 大乗仏教 ("Daijou bukkyou"): 大乗 ("daijou") comes from the Sanskrit word महायान ("Mahāyāna"), "Mahā" corresponds to 大 ("dai" "Great") and "yāna" to り物 ("norimono(乗: jou)" "Vehicle")). In an interesting coincidence, "daijoubu" also means "all right" or "okay", albeit using different kanji (大丈夫).
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