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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Kakashi Spirit News 3

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花果子念報 Kakashi Spirit News
第百二十六季 水無月の五 Season 126, Minazuki issue #5 (est. 2011/07/01 ~ 2011/07/31)
羽衣婚活伝説 The Legend of Husband-Hunting Veils
忘れられた天の羽衣 Forgotten Veils of Heaven
 天女が羽衣を木に掛けて水浴びをしていたところ、羽衣を人間に盗まれてしまう。天に帰れなくなってしまった天女は、仕方が無く人間と暮らすというのが有名な羽衣伝説である。 There is a well-known legend where the veil of a heavenly maiden which she had hung on a tree is stolen by a human while she was bathing. Now with no chance of returning to heaven, the maiden is forced to live with that human. [1]
 最近はそれを利用した天女の結婚活動、いわゆる羽衣婚活が盛んだ。 Recently, these heavenly maidens are beginning to imitate this legend and call them "Husband-Hunting Veils"[2].
 ひと言に天女と言っても如来様からフライングヒューマンまで多種多様だが、下位の天女達の生活は決して豊かなものでは無く、特に幻想郷が今の形になってからは人間にも劣る貧しさとなって久しい。天界の生活は意外にもヒエラルキーが強く、余程多くを望まない謙虚な者でない限り窮屈なものであるらしい。 Although the term "heavenly maiden" indicates anything from Tathagata to flying humans, the life of the lower-ranking heavenly maidens cannot be seen as wealthy and some are even poorer than humans, especially after the formation of Gensokyo. In addition, the hierarchy of heaven life appears to be very severe, so unless you're a humble one who wishes for almost nothing, you are going to feel very constrained.
 羽衣婚活は、わざと人里近くで羽衣を忘れて、それを拾った人間が気に入れば天に帰れなくなった事を伝えて結婚するというものである。気に入らなければ奪い返すのだが……。 These maidens lose their veil near the human village on purpose to lure a potential partner. If they take a fancy to the gentleman who finds their veil, they tell him they cannot return to heaven so they insist on marrying him. If they don't, they simply swipe it back. However, is this method really acceptable?
 永江衣玖さん(龍宮の使い)はこう語る。 Iku Nagae (Messenger of the Dragon Palace) had this to say on the matter:
「羽衣婚活? ああ、確かに一部のチャラい天女の間で流行っているそうですね。ただ、この羽衣って天帝から支給されたものだから、無くしたり汚したりすると始末書ものなのよ。ハッキリ言って後先考えていない馬鹿のやる事ね」 ""Husband-hunting veils"? Oh yes, I heard that kind of thing has become popular with the more tawdry maidens. However, these veils are provided by the Lord of Heaven, so we have to write an apology letter if we damage or lose it. To be perfectly honest, the only ones who participate in such absurdity are fools who do not consider the consequences."
 人間の間でも落ちている羽衣に対する不信感が強い。長老は「落ちている羽衣には触れない事」と注意を喚起している。 These veils are being seen as highly suspicious by the humans of the village, too. The village elder even strongly warned against touching a veil on the ground.
 羽衣伝説のオチは、人間が隠し持っていた羽衣を見つけて、子供と夫を捨てて天に帰るというものである。世の天女は地上生活に飽きたらいつでも天に戻るつもりでいるのかも知れないが、余りにも薄情なものである。 The original legend ends with the heavenly maiden finding the hidden veil and returning to the heaven, leaving her children and husband. Maybe the heavenly maidens intend to return to heaven whenever they become bored of the life on surface, but that would just be heartless.
 しかし河童のバザーや故買屋と思われる古道具屋には、ごく稀に天の羽衣が高額で売られていると聞く。世の好事家はそれを見逃すことはないだろう。羽衣を拾った人間が売ったのだとすれば、人間の方が一枚上手だ。 However, I heard that very rarely these veils will be found for sale at the Kappa's bazaar or an antique store suspected to deal in stolen goods. They would likely be impossible for a collector to pass up. If a human sells the veil before the maiden can get to him, he'll be the clever one in that situation.
(姫海棠はたて) (Hatate Himekaidou)
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  1. This is the legend of The princess and the cowherd, the origin of Tanabata, a Japanese occasion.
  2. This is also currently in vogue in Japan, minus the veils. The majority of the Japanese otaku community think it is rather pathetic, though (unsurprisingly).