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Symposium of Post-mysticism/Kakashi Spirit News 4

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花果子念報 Kakashi Spirit News
第百二十五季 卯月の五 Season 125, Uzuki issue #5 (est. 2010/05/14 ~ 2010/06/12)
人知れず行われた大戦争 The Great Unseen War
いたずら妖精にきっつーいお仕置き? Harsh punishment for the prank-loving fairy?
「私より強い奴に会いに行く!」 "Now I will find a better challenge!"[1]
 妖精にそう言われたのは花見の席だった。何でも、我々が花見で楽しんでいた裏で妖精同士で最強決定戦を行っていたらしい。そちらの方は残念ながら取材できなかったが、そこで最強の座を奪ったチルノ(妖精)が調子に乗っていた。 So a fairy told me when I was at the flower-viewing party. I heard afterwards that there had been a competition amongst the fairies to decide which one was the strongest while we were enjoying the flowers. I was unable to interview the losers, but I happened to encounter Cirno (Fairy) still in high spirits from claiming the title of 'the strongest'.
「そうね、もう妖怪花見はお開きしましたが……。あっちに力を持てあました奴が帰っていきました」 "Well, the youkai flower-viewing party is already over, but there should be a pretty powerful one just down this path."
 面白そうだったので妖精を誘導し、その後を付けた。 Intrigued by the outcome, I pointed her in the right direction and then followed behind.
 私が誘導した先に居たのは霧雨魔理沙さん(人間)。普段から妖精と仲良くしている事が多い人間に、力に驕っている妖精をぶつけるとどうなるのか。今回はそれを観察した。 Marisa Kirisame (Human) was the one who was at the end of our path. What will happen if we match a fairy drunk on her own power against a human who often hangs out with fairies? That was my observation at the time.
「面白い。妖精相手にどこまで楽しめるのか確かめてやる!」 "This'll be good. Lessee how entertainin' a fairy as my opponent could possibly be!"
 酔っぱらった人間と、力に酔った妖精との余興が始まった。内容は微笑ましい物で特筆するところは無かったが、魔理沙さんが妖精相手に手加減して楽しんでいる姿が印象的だった。特にお得意のレーザーを使わずに戦っていたのが面白い。 A show between a human drunk on alcohol and a fairy drunk on power began. Although there was nothing special to report in this silly play-fight, it was quite impressive to see how Marisa enjoyed taking it easy on the fairy. The fact that she wasn't using her specialty, her famous lasers, made it even more amusing.
 人間は妖怪に比べて余裕の無い生き物である。毎日生きるのに必死で、妖精相手であっても命の危険にさらされるものだ。しかし、一部の人間に限っては、手加減しつつ妖精を軽くあしらう事が出来るという事が判った。 Compared to youkai, humans are species that live a busy life. They are so desperate to live everyday, even risking their lives dealing with things like fairies. But I have discovered that among them, there are ones who can deal with fairies without much trouble.
 この事は、いつまでも昔の人間像を持った古い妖怪に留意されるべきである。私は今回の決闘であわよくば人間がやられてもいいや、と思っていたがそんな危険性はまるで無く、人間の成長の目覚ましさが見て取れたわけである。人間はいつまでも被害者でいるという妖怪の考えは、いつか身を滅ぼすもととなるかも知れない。 The older youkai should keep that in mind, since they still think of humans as the weaklings they were long ago. Even though I wouldn't be super concerned if the human were to lose by some chance, the match got nowhere near that point, and I realized how far humankind had come. If we youkai continue to assume humans are always the victims, it may lead to our downfall someday.
(姫海棠はたて) (Hatate Himekaidou)


  1. Ryu's phrase from Street Fighter Alpha.
  • According to the dialog from Ending No. 5 of Fairy Wars, it was actually Aya who declined Cirno's challenge and made the suggestion that she should look for a human. Hatate's behavior in this article is another, parallel description against it, her implying to be the one who directed Cirno to Marisa.
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